Experimental combat unit to test female marine integration


With all those Cammys soon to be running around, we’ll be indestructible.




Whatever. Put them out there. They wanna shoot shit and die when I don’t so I won’t cry.


This mayhap?


Call of Duty: Let’s Go Shopping!


Standard women uniform




Read title as "experimental combat to test female urine integration"
Severely, severely disappointed.


In order to NOT have to lower the standards, they’ll need to start injecting these chicks with testosterone regularly, and putting them into some intense strength and general physical training. Moreso than the men, if you’re going for equal results after basic.






Murrica (fuck yeah?):


This is pretty brilliant just get their menstrual cycles synched up then unleash all hell when the day comes.


Hmm! Attacking once per month has already been proven by space pirates of the Saiyan warrior race to be a highly effective military strategy for conquering planets.


“When we bleed they bleed!!! Ooorah!”

As a former Marine I’ve mixed feelings about this. I’m all for the equality if try can hang, but unit dynamics will be weird. I’m not going to really go into the sexual assault aspect like most are ready to bring out immediately when the subject is breached. . .

In general, a man’s instinct is to protect women.

(except I’m guessing the handful of mysogonists that populate srk)

This in my mind inherently creates a risk to the mission and the lives of marines in a combat situation. Even if held to the same standards and able to fulfill the same roles, biologically the instinct of the protector has a chance to show up and derail a whole fucking operation.

Comraderie between men in the field is a unique thing, and to potentially have to clean your speech up ans mannerisms because there are females around (sexual harassment doesn’t have to be direct, even dirty jokes can be construed as such) seems to have potential to skew the dynamic of important bonding.

The social dynamics between males and females don’t belong there. Say that even they fit into comraderie completely… Now you have guys falling in love potentially with women in the field… And other guys wanting that bond… Just… Eesh, trouble in many ways.

I see more jeopardy than anything. But fuck it lets give it a go. I’d be more in line with the idea of all female squads once they’re proven combat worthy.

Equality as I said I’m all in for, if they wanna get shot at too let em get some. The social dynamics make me very wary.


Is it reasonable to think that the military can train people to act against any protector instinct? They already train people to act against their instinct for self preservation.


If I’m not mistaken I think there was a study published awhile ago that showed that male sweat has a unique effect on other men in that in encourages cooperation. It’s thought this was a evolutionary adaptation during the time men hunted in groups so there is some science supporting the idea of"male bonding"and that sort of wolf pac thing that goes on in gangs.

As for women in marine…well I think the biggest issue is that the women need to obviously pass by the same standards as men. Assuming they can I don’t see any problems with their inclusion.


Israeli soldiers, you love you lose.