Expert combo question

hey everyone, i apologize if this has already been asked but i cant seem to find it anywhere.

How do you do the combos when u crossup, then land, and attack in the wrong direction???

im playing ssf2thdr(lol) btw

Backwards attacks, as they’re called, are done by crossing up your opponent, landing on the other side of them, and then attacking with a move that will actually hit behind you…

…before your character turns around!

That’s the key. Think about it. If you jumped over something, you’d have to turn around to face it, right? :slight_smile: All characters have a “turning around” animation that you can interrupt with an attack facing the opponent. But, since backwards attacks exist, there has to be at least 1 frame of animation happening before your character starts turning around. That’s me thinking theoretically, though. The truth on this has to be documented somewhere.

But anyway, the attack occurs probably the instant you land from the crossup. Although, I’ve noticed from various combo videos that have been done for this game that it seems a little easier to do backwards attacks in this game than it was in Vanilla ST. Could be my eyes playing tricks on me.

You can see this for yourself by looking up some of the earlier combo videos for this game on YouTube…and you can even go as far back as the TZW Volume 7 Combo video (the FAQ is on GameFAQs) and check out the Super and ST combos.

Are you saying you have questions about expert combos, or that your Combo Question was of expert quality? I need to know these things before I can help you.

I think only certain moves will hit like that … in original st, thawk’s cr. fierce (or was it umpire “safe!” cr. strong?) works like that in certain situations.

I was going to ask a similar question after I saw a few combo videos. We know it’s a shenanigan, but I think the OP is trying to understand how it works in the game engine.

I’ve seen it happen to me (flying Chun that lands just right over me after a wall bounce) and FreshOJ tried to help with the understanding of it. The engine thinks your opponent is still facing the same side so it allows you to attack in the direction you previously were facing. What we can boil it down to is that this is a crossup situation … where the engine is saying the characters are converging and it’s time to flip their sides. What we don’t know and want the answer to is … how can we make this situation happen more?

Is it hitbox placement of my characters left foot versus the opponents right foot (if I’m facing right at the moment before crossing up)? Does a percentage of my hitbox have to be over the characters before the switch changes? Not sure if that’s where the OP was going with it, but that’s where I would go to understand how it works (and these are just my guesses). I couldn’t find any more information about it.

Also, you can attempt to get this “more easily” when the opponent recovers from a high throw and is about to land (since this is the shenanigan version of the crossup).

O.Hawk’s cr.fierce has a big enough hitbox to hit crouching Blanka when facing the wrong way.

Try doing this one versus crouching E.Honda
cross-up j.roundhouse -> st.forward (should hit the wrong way) -> st.forward -> Fierce Rising Hawk in HDR

Ever notice how hard it is to connect with a hit of cross-up against a non-blocking opponent?

When they said the hitboxes were going to be shown, I figured they would include a vertical line (from head to toe, or even top of screen to bottom of screen, for each character’s X coordinate). This vertical line would determine their throw range and also determine the character’s “cross-up point” I guess you could call it (i.e. the point when, if crossed by opponent, the characters turn around and face the other way). Maybe this line I’m talking about is just the (front?) edge of their midsection hitbox but I’m not sure.

I’m sorry, but that’s not it at all. It’s like I said in my post, your character has to turn around after jumping over their opponent. That process takes a few frames to happen, but your character doesn’t instantly turn around the moment they land. They land in their jumping recovery animation. That animation allows you to attack in the same direction you were facing.

I’d love for somebody to just look at one of the combo videos out there and take it frame by frame to confirm what I’m saying. Post the link here when you do. If I’m wrong, I eat my crow well done, please. :slight_smile:

I think TZW did a combo with that on the Volume 7 tape. It should be in the FAQ.