Expert Ken strats

We need to get this thread going with expert Ken strats. I’ll start it off. My favorite combo is low medium kick into an EX Hurricane kick. It’s a really mack ass combo. I have trouble with Urine. He’s really tough to beat with his air balls and tackle combinations. What do I do to beat those. I tried air parrying, but I always miss it. Anything easier to do?

hmmm, I never needed to parry my urine, can’t help you.

Oh gosh, I feel like an idiot doing c.forward xx Shippu instead of c.forward xx EX Tatsu.

man wtf Duy. xx EX tatsu owns. Then parry Hugo’s Gigas. It’s the sickest bait ever.

Uh as long as you anticipate an AA fireball every time you jump, you’ll be fine. Same goes for his d.hp AA.

If you can’t parry that even then, practice basics before going on to the uber 1337 pro Ken strats :confused:

Ken shouldn’t be jumping an awful lot. He has a lot of options in his ground moves and sufficient anti-air to stay grounded the whole time. Jumping more than two or three times in a round is asking for trouble.

Urien’s MP sphere will cause problems when you must jump out of corners. Getting hit by this, against a competent Urien player, is a worst case scenario. If they land all 4 tackles you’ll be down a ton of health and you’ll still face a corner wakeup, maybe even an Aegis Reflector.

Only attempt to escape the corner when Urien is close enough to render the MP sphere ineffective.

IDIOT. its quite obvious the thread starter is an EXPERT and you are not.

you can only do good combos if ur fast on the buttons[i know it sounds obvious]
i can do to [twice,u gotta be quick] to which is a 4 hit combo plus i can connect a super art on the end which looks shit hot but can be tricky at first
you got to have loose fingers [so get a anniversary stick from] thats what the pro’s use its the only way:clap:

:wtf: x 3216579876132468987329843213276413219874321.

i guess that’s really uhhh, expert.


Can you show us on a vid?

Moreover, don’t jump in like an idiot to begin with.



(haha i made a funny)

lol anniversary sticks suck.

You can’t just PARRY…



you have to MACK ASS BAIT Hugo’s Gigas Breaker. and then MACK ASS PARRY that shit. i’ve done it twice to Hayao.

Who ever said to parry Hugo’s Giggas is a doylum. It’s all about the short, short xx!!!

Haha MACK ASS PARRY. That kills me.


Thank you man! I haven’t had a good laugh in a while.

If it’s still up, you should check Paul Lee’s ken thread in this forum. It’s easily the best thread Ken thread here.