Experts research the 'typical' human face... and its a 28-year-old Chinese man

‘Typical’ human face is a 28-year-old Chinese man | Mail Online

So Jet Li and Laurence Fishburne do have a lot in common.

oh wow Snoop (wire) got busted.

Sexperienced you love the dailymail

I love how when these people make “average” face composites the end result is an attractive person. I still have yet to figure out which dimension they are getting their data from.

lol the pic was done by a CHINESE academy…and they only used 7000 faces

It’s actually not that common to be physically ugly in the face. More often than not people are just plain.


Did someone blink?

well, china does the have largest population in the world. And about the average faces being not ugly… I think when they ask volunteers to do the face thing, the people that know they’re fug would be more likely to decline in participating. Also, I’m sure all of the various facial features from everybody sort of ‘cancel each other out’. For example, if someone has a giant nose, then all of the faces with small noses would average it out.