Explain Footsies


I need to find videos to study. Not just Alpha 2 tournament, but for other games. Where are great videos or tutorials on them?



Someone in a fb group Im in said that was the worst explanation for footsies ever…so anyone agree or disagree?


Did they bother to explain why? Because it is a good explanation, not just regarding the mechanics but the mindset.


Juice might not have the most friends in the FGC but he’s articulate and smart his vids are gold


Honestly, eventhough Juicebox tends to be a bit longwinded, he is often really clear and systematic about his explanations of concepts. I haven’t seen a video as clear on the subject of footsies as Juicebox his one.
So yeah, i definately disagree.


Pretty much all of these, since they’re the ones used on the SonicHurricane.com articles


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That post went places.


Ok, thanks guys. Ill watch juicybits more. Um, why do peole not like him?


Juice can be a tad cranky and irritable.


Footsies usually refers to various aspects of mid-range to close-up ground-based combat in fighting games. These aspects can include spacing, poking (which itself is part of the bigger topic of “use of normals”), *movement *,baiting and whiff-punishment.

Each of those aspects themselves can be broken further.

Let’s look at poking strategy, for example.

  • Offensive poking eg. Ryu walking forward and attacking the opponent back with cr.mk

  • Pre-emptive poking eg. Ryu whiffing a cr.mk to prevent the opponent from advancing, or to beat an opponent’s move. The difference between this and offensive poking is that a pre-emptive poke generally won’t hit if the opponent doesn’t move or press a button.

  • Counter-poking eg. Any whiff-punish scenario

So how do these fit together in the grand scheme of things? Here’s a typical scenario:

During a match Ryu advances toward his opponent. His opponent, seeing Ryu approaching, whiffs a cr.mk to prevent him from advancing. However, Ryu stops moving foward at the last moment and positions himself in such a way that the opponent’s move whiffs, which enables him to counter with cr.mk buffered into Shinkuu hadouken.

In short, Ryu was able to bait a normal move using his movement and knowledge of spacing, and then successfully whiff-punish.