Explain me V Skill Combo

Hey guys im a mkx player and in having a very hard time pulling combos im practising on that i got 2 questions alot of my moves dont connect like if i kick twice in a row certain character it doesnt count as a 2 hit does that mean not everything can be linked? Also i dont understand the v skill i know how to activatie it but on Chun li after u activatie v skill can u can do certain combo that only works in v trigger but i dont get it i use v skill then tey the combo it doesnt work so can some one explain how all this works lol also when doing combos like if i wanna punch twice in a row do i have to wait for the animations to finish then rly fast lunch again? Something like that?

you have to figure that stuff out. if you have the actual frame data you could look up which moves are linkable into each other. this also determines which can’t be linked. so no, not everything is linkable otherwise this would result in some pretty broken gameplay.

When one of your moves connects you’ll notice that the enemy goes into a reeling animation. With some moves, not all, the reeling animation will continue a little while after you have already recovered from your move. As they’re stuck in this animation, and you have already recovered, you can hit them again with a move that’s quick enough before the reeling animation is over, and that’s what a combo is.

The amount of time you’re stuck and can’t do anything after getting hit is called hitstun. How much time is left of the hitstun after you have fully recovered from your move is called frame advantage. So in other words, some moves have enough frame advantage for you to be able to hit them again, if that follow up move has quicker or equal startup to the frame advantage.

With Chun, for example, crouching LP has enough frame advantage for you to combo into standing MP, and standing MP has enough frame advantage for you to be able to combo into crouching MK. Her v-trigger increases the frame advantage on some of her moves, but I can’t recall off hand which ones.

Just watch combo videos and see what links into what.
You don’t have to look into frame data in order to find out what combos or not.

^ What Art said. Watching combo videos will be easier. After that, watch some punctuation videos. Those will help you more than the combo videos.