Explain the appeal of Tekken to me


Obviously this game has a lot of merit and the Japanese really love it.

I have played around with the series a little but never at a high level or had anyone to consistently help teach me.

I love the flash and personality of this game. The characters are really interesting and the stages are the best of any fighting game.

What is odd though is that it just doesn’t feel right to me. I grew up on SF, I play SF4 and VF5 (the best game haha) pretty seriously, go to local tournies, yada yada.

But whenever I watch high level tekken play, it just seems like two dudes moving back and forth and trying to get a launcher on one another so they can take half of their opponent’s life away. The juggle combos last so long that I one time saw some dude get launched and while he was getting combo’d, he took his hands off the controller, reached down and grabbed his soda for a drink, put it back down on the ground and then returned his hands for play—he wasn’t rushing to do this quickly either. Then after another second or two, his character recovered and he tried to launch his opponent to try and do some ridiculously long combo while his opponent just floats in the air and gets hit. I don’t understand this at all…

Plus, for a 3D game, it just doesn’t feel like 3D to me. Again, I don’t play it at a high level but it doesn’t have the 3D feel of VF5.

I am not trying to start a flame war. Obviously I am missing something here. I LOVE all fighting games and I really want like T6:BR, but I guess I just don’t get it? What’s wrong with me??? Do I just need to spend more time with this game or what?

Why are so many ppl drawn to this series??? :wtf:


it has pandas and pandas are so kawaii!! ^_^v


because it has pandas and pandas are so kawaii!! ^_^v

couldn’t resist. lol


It doesn’t have a guard button.


You know, if you take things like this in that mentality (which could be applied to every game out there), you’ll never get to like anything in the end nor understand why it’s liked.

You gotta get into the game, try it and see how it fares yourself.


It has a quite intuitive control scheme.

Left punch, right punch, left kick and right kick.

It’s easy for a new player to learn basic combos after a few minutes with the game.

It has a large and varied character roster.

It has very few projectiles which seem to annoy many newcomers to 2D fighters.


Tekken rocks cuz the whole game is badass and easy to play. Anyone can get into it. Plus the combos just look awesome, how can you not love the bound system? Besides, as far as brokenness goes, I’ve seen far worse, Hokuto no ken is a perfect example of a game with a fucked up juggling system.


What you saw was probably some Heichi matchup, dunno. Or Nina? Heck, some chars can really dish out the damage.

It’s a lot of back and forth tic-toc like fencing. Many small pokes, the juggle heavy characters go for starters, other try to bait provoke and error.

You have to play it in person imo. (and not T5:DR online, lots of input lag)


The appeal of Tekken is that it’s a different FG. It has similar fundamentals but it has it’s own identity.
I like most things about Tekken. The combat system, juggles, characters, music etc. I really like how Tekken is played.

People like the Naruto games that are on PS2. When I played them I said out loud, “what the hell is piece of shit?”

What Tekken had I liked, what Naruto had I didn’t like. Maybe what Tekken has that makes it different isn’t what you like?

And fuck those damn pandas.


Cause you can juggle like a clown.


What threw me off Tekken is the fact that you’re always so close to your opponent…it seems like midrange-long range moves are pretty useless…i hate this feeling of beeing so close to the other guy all the time…I’ll play Soulcaliber anytime…


The answer has already been said by people above me; people like it, because it has good graphics, is easily accessible, and the combos are crazy. And while its easy to pick up, its has a level of depth (mostly in the oki department) that puts it above DOA.

But I still think this series is a waste of time, at least after TTT and T4. “well T4 sucked”, is what most of you will say. Well, yes and no. It was bad in that a lot of the new mechanics needed tweaking, the balance sucked (Jin), etc. But it was good because they tried to take the series and innovate it in a new direction. The movement system was fluid and open. The ability to switch sides with your opponent was interesting. The fact environments were interactive and changed combos and set-ups was thought-provoking. The characters had a sense of style in their costumes they never had before (let’s forget about Hei’s 2P costume, though…). It was evolution for the series, and despite its flaws you could tell the team were thinking outside, bravely attempting to go outside their established niche. I can only think with joy how good it would have been if the game got more support; surely Namco would have released an updated version fixing all the small stuff and it would have been paradise. TTT speaks for itself; sure the mishimas are top of the tier-list as usual, but its still very solid.

But people had to bitch and complain about a game that didn’t have crazy enough juggles. Or required you to think or move your ass. So to please the stupid masses we get T5. Sure it looks better, but everything new and fresh is gone. The movement system is raped. Getting a launcher off is the focal point of the gameplay. Things are far more linear. And T6 is no better, in fact its worst in this aspect. I was really hoping T5 was going to be a update of t4’s system that set everything right that was technically wrong with that title. But alas, it was not to be…


There’s nothing wrong with you guy, you are completely free to NOT like the game and there’s no obligation for you to actually get into it.


I generally find that appeal isn’t something you can have explained to you. If you don’t get it yourself, there is no explaining it.


I think this is another one of those: “help me out with this philosophy paper/survey”-threads, but without the explanation.


Tekken is pretty hype


Explain the appeal of any fighting game.


Tekken is probably one of the free-est moving 3D games out there. Dunno how it can’t “feel 3D”.


Tekken is the hypeness.

Plus, it’s fairly easy to get into yet one of the most difficult games to excel in on a competitive level. You literally have to STUDY the game, know matchups, strings, properties, frames, etc. Executing combos and moves is the easy part. Once you get past that, it all becomes about the player and how smart they are in this one huge mindgame. So it is truly satisfying and rewarding to win.

But… if that isnt your thing then you can just go purely off the appeal of a large roster of interesting characters, brutal moves(some have sparkles!), good music, cool stages, etc., and play scrub-Tekken. It’s fun! Learn a launcher, staple juggle, and “pick up moves”/oki, then do those all day on your friends who never block lows and always backroll. Good games.:tup:


Not anymore.