Explain this to me

I was wondering after a parry or by simply landing a c.Fierce with Urien and then doing a EX headbutt followed by another C.Fierce, the machine doesnt allow me to perform a crush for the 6th hit. Why is that? I have onyl done 5 hits so i am not exceeding the 6 hit juggle count. so why is it not letting me connect with a crush?

the EX Headbutt is worth 3 juggle counts, even if it deals 2 hits.

i was thinking this info might’ve been on Karathrow, but i guess it isn’t. is there a chart that gives the juggle counts for each move?

also, i’m kinda new to the 6-hit juggle limit. by “6-hit”, it means 6 juggles (excluding whatever threw the opponent into the air) right?

yeah, you can get a maximum of 6 juggles in the air.
Some moves do count for more juggles than the actual hit count.
A super move resets the count to zero.

If the last move on the juggle is a rapid succession of hits, it can go beyond the juggle limit. I.e. with urien: cHP (2 hits, 2 juggles, 4 left), EX headbutt (2 hits, 3 juggles, 1 left), EX headbutt (2 hits - the juggle count ends on the first hit, but since the 2 hits are “close”, you get to sneak the second one in too.

Speaking of Urien, the cHP gives the 2 juggles on the 2nd hit alone. If you hit an airborne opponent with a 2-hit cHP, you get 3 juggles (another one from the first hit), so that nothing can hit after the EX headbutt.

I recall someone making a partial list of the juggle count, but I don’t remembre who and when

Rock did one, but it’s probably lost in the General 3s section

He had a formula for the whole thing

They don’t call him Dr Sub Zero for nothing

It’s most likely in that huge Urien thread in his forum.


agh. it’s Urien specific!

thanks anyway. i’ll print it out to look to for when i eventually learn Urien.

well, studying another character you can calculate quite easily how much juggles is one move. I.e. Yun/Yang standing close MK is worth anything from 3 to 5 juggles, since you can get 2 of them, but thennothing after.

well, yea. unless you screw up a lot, which is what i typically do :stuck_out_tongue: