Explain to me the benefits of switching PCB's


I can understand the benefits of changing buttons or sticks, but what about PCB’s what’s the real advantage here?

Is it just to make the stick compatible with more consoles, or is there any other real benefits - like lag reduction etc?

Me and a friend of mine are planning to get The mayflash f300 soon, since it’s supposedly easy to mod, we’re getting Sanwa buttons and stick. Didn’t consider PCBs though, hence my question. Looked around, PCBs are quite expensive - so is it really worth it?


Compatibility, features, and repair are the reasons to switch. And pricing varies wildly depending on what you’re using- from a $90 custom board with a wide swath of support down to a $10 bare bones board designed for pc use. Also, you can use pretty much any controller’s guts for its respective system.


Aha i see, so basically in my case scenario I don’t have the immediate need to swap it. Since I will just be using it on the ps4. Even though the mayflash f300 does have multi plat support



It does have multi console support but it needs to piggy back off the real controllers through the USB port on the stick.


Correct. Depending on what you want to use the stick on, a different pcb could eliminate that hassle.


Rather than getting the Mayflash, if it was me, I’d be looking at purchasing a second hand TE for pretty much nothing and then get a Brook PS4 PCB :slight_smile: or even better and get a Brook UFB.


Oh yeah, would actually love to do that. Though the TE is bulky and would be expensive to ship to my location (the TE is already expensive to begin with) and the Brook would get me over budget as well. I mean it’s good call but not for starters.

The f300 with proper buttons should do for now


Start small, if you need more, you can add it later. I think with no major fighting games on One there isn’t enough reason to invest in it, unless you really need KI support. You could settle for a cheaper PCB like the PS3/PS4 one, or simply get a stick with PS3/PS4 support already in it like a Hori. Those work on PC, too, but you’ll need an xinput emulator if they’re dinput only.

Anyway, right now, start small, enjoy the stick, learn how to use it and if you like it, then move on if you feel you need to. And do it within the budget you need for the things you need.


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If you’re certain on buying the F300, I would recommend swapping the PCB to the Hori FC4 pcb/Brooks Ps4 or UFB pcb


We will stop when you kindly explain why?


Please enlighten me on why would i want to do an thing like that. Thank you.


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