Explain to me why Ustream is being used

Instead of Justin.tv. Because I think the majority of us will agree that Ustream is an awful site and that watching any stream from them is usually completely unbearable.

Better copy protection on content most likely.

It uses a rectangular field where video is broadcasted on, same as any other streaming website.
How is that unbearable?

Same. I can’t tell the difference between the two when I switch the video to fullscreen. Never really had big lag problems with either of them either, except when it was on the broadcasters’ end.

It really should be on justin.tv…but if there are any problems I’ll just watch it on PS3

it because PS3 can’t do Justin.Tv

Kind of funny to realize that just a couple years ago, there was no such thing as streams and you had to wait months to see any of the tournament matches, or you had to buy a DVD. Now, not only are all of the big tournament matches going to be streamed for live viewing from your own home, but there are there two streams running nearly 24/7 capturing every possible moment of the event so viewers can watch whatever game they prefer at pretty much any time, along with an after-hours money matches stream and all other sorts of stuff. And yet, people then complain about what site it’s hosted on with demanding thread titles that use phrases like “explain to me” as though they’re owed anything for this free service.

^ Ding, ding, ding. Ladies and gentlemen we have a winner.

I was about to be all yeah Ustream is lame, but then I remembered I’m gunna be there live heh mad?


mmhmm waiting for evo 2k5 dvd was so much fun.

Because Ustream is absolute garbage. I’ve been trying to get to watching again after it suddenly cut out on me, and I’ve been unable to. Nothing wants to load.

I’ve had it on all morning, no problems. Is anyone one else getting fucking charmin ads in spanish when they go to a break? lol

I’m mad I’m not there.

It’s bullshit. I’m sick of these fucking adverts. The stream would be great without those.

A free service full of advertising stops being free…
And, wtf are you talking about, we’re in the fucking 2011, and streams started in 2003 (with a quake 3 tournament stream), so it would be ridiculous not to have it, so what’s with the “long time ago we didn’t even have this, so we should accept everything we receive and not ask for more/better”? O_O

They’re using Ustream for the same reason they’re using PS3s. Money talks.

A-fucking-men. This “Match, Commercial, Match, Commercial” BS has got to stop. Unless you’re busy getting your ad quota for the weekend out of the way now, it’s entirely overboard.

nothin wrong with swagstream

Keep in mind that they are using the regional advertising of ustream, so you will see advertising in your language. And if ustream has no advertising in your language you will be stuck staring at the EVO logo for half a dozen minutes.

By the way, does this mean that we can go back to the stream archives and rewatch in case we miss anything? If so then we REALLY can’t complain.