Explain to me why Ustream is being used

Theres a chance that there wont be archives for the pools maybe for the semifinals/finals. Also I think another possible reason to be on ustream is because they can have multiple shows under the same account

I’m willing to bet that even if it was on Justin.tv, there would still be the same amount of ads. The only pro I see about Justin.tv is that people can watch the stream on a PS3. Justin.tv’s layout is pretty nasty to me. I prefer USTREAM’s UI, but that’s just IMHO.

im having problems with the low quality streaming, it simply dont start. Anyone knows why?

Odd…because I was seeing Spanish ads for the first couple hours, and I’ve just been seeing the Evo logo since then.

I’m a Minnesotan.

Stream been nothing but smooth for me, maybe even the smoothest ive seen this year.

Instead of the ads, i get the EVO logo for I dont know 2-3 mins, not really a big deal to me.

The stream has been good… on my computer. But ustream’s mobile app is complete ass. I’m not complaining much, but I do wish this were on Justin.tv instead

Ustream been good for me on both PC and iPhone. I think the stream stability has more to do with the internet at the location being solid. Evo should be there forever.

Also since they now pause for ads I noticed there are no pop-ups. That was truly annoying. I’ll take commercial breaks anyday.

its something dns related, its working with google’s one for me. or

i don’t care where they stre.am it but it’s still pretty inconsiderate to anyone out of the US, by not having archives

Goddamn Ustream’s mobile app video goes black every 3 minutes leaving nothing but audio. It does this consistently and the only temporary fix is to reopen the stream. What the hell.

i see no different between ustream and justin.tv. i don’t know what’s the problem.

More important question, why are there no archives up for the top 32 AE from yesterday?