Explain YOUR Vega



Hey guys, I thought this might be interesting. There was a somewhat heated discussion in the AE thread about the use of CH, and it occurred to me that people use Vega very differently from person to person. I’d like to explore that a little more, to see if we can’t learn from each other.

So, this is pretty simple. Just give a quick rundown of how you typically play Vega (of course certain matchups will require adjustments, but this is more a general “style of play” type thread I guess.)

For myself, I typically like to dominate on the ground. I like making use of Vega’s extended reach to frustrate opponents, and hopefully make mistakes.

I am also a HUGE fan of Vega’s pressure game. I love mixing up counter hit setups with rolls for chip damage, along with overheads and throws. This is the part of my play that I feel is strongest, and where I score most of my damage. I’m feel that Vegas pressure in the corner is AMAZING, and other people hate dealing with it.

I only walldive to attack enemies who aren’t knocked down when I’m desperate, if I’m behind on life and need a gamble to pay off when I’m losing a match.

My major weakness is my lack of ability to dominate the air. I’m still exploring Vega’s anti-air potential, and will still occasionally lose to people who just keep jumping at me. I’m getting better at this, but its a pretty big hole in my game.

I feel I could take advantage of Vega’s ability to “play lame” in a bigger way. I think I attack the opponent a little bit to much.

My favourite counter his setup is c.strong to c.strong, because of its simplicity, and how frustrating it is for an opponent. I also like using any setup involving the rolls, I love the rolls :smiley: Chip damage, and move opponent close to the corner? Why yes, I’ll take that.

I also don’t think I understand CH’s potential yet. Some Vega’s talk about this move like their entire gameplan revolves around it, where there will be matches where I don’t use it all.

My favourite combo is Cl. HP to C. Strong XX EX-FBA. Its just looks so fucking boss.


My opponents need to figure it out themselves, I’m not sharing anything XD.


I’m mostly a ground Vega unless I play online, then my stick seemingly feels like it’s stuck iun up-position.
Footsies and pokes until I corner them, then rush their face down with block strings and bnbs.


People usually say i play a “fun” Vega. Whatever that means. I guess i play some kind of rushdown/zoning. I rushdown while trying to stay at footsie range if that makes any sense.


Some strong Vega players that mirror match me seem to immediately know exactly where I want to poke, and they launch Cosmic Heels at me, surprise jumps, and even psychic ex-fba’s at times. Bullrushing in with cr.lp into kara grabs and/or various overheads - you know the type.

That’s not me. Unless someone is mashing buttons or flowcharting I almost never “fish” with Cosmic Heel. I’m a punisher, I’m a baiter, and I’m a zoner. I play my strongest when I have a life lead and the opponent needs to get in on me, and usually I cut down on the offense at that point except for the purpose of mixing things up to stay unpredictable.

Playing vanilla Claw, my first and still current main, taught me how to fucking block. On the defensive when I’m getting rushed down, although not a situation I want to seek out, I feel comfortable dealing with the pressure and will intelligently handle it, however long it takes and even if I’m down by a bunch of life/rounds/games. Patience and perseverance are my greatest strengths I’d say, so I end up playing claw much more defensively. My first course of action is to keep you out with pokes and airgrabs, establish your level of familiarity with my walldive and kara-grab, and see what you do when I fake a mixup and just let you wake-up. My battles tend to feel 90% in-the-head rather than which player has the fastest attack plan - I almost never do but I’ll make you pay for everything you try. Of course I don’t want to always counter the same ways, and so the mind games continue.

On the offense, my stats are a little lower, but I compensate for it by 1: Having a very strong basic game of baits/throws/hitconfirms, and 2: Taking bigger offensive risks such as occasionally using Scarlet Terrors or either ultra as a mixup option or anticipatory attack.

In short: I’m a zoning-intensive Vega with strong fundamentals and patience of steel, yet you never know what the fuck I might try.


prefer to play safe and defensive strong ground and air game can ultra on reaction to stupid fireball and jump in with U1.
Patience and bait also confident in my izuna drop but opponent can move or dash away both risky for either. Not much of a combo freak mediocre execution, but mind game up there with the best :slight_smile: so vega suits me.

Most time i use vega i get hate mail saying cheap, turtling, scrub, all u do is grab, runaway, any ssf4 hate mail u can think of.


lol I can play both styles: pressure or safe. I prefer the 1st…


I can play both but i learn since vanilla playing safe pays of more


My Vega is the one that wins.


my stylez where i uze teh pokes to frustrate mah opponents and punishh dem with ma fast rushdown game yooz.



I can’t describe my playstyle, because I play the way that I think is most effective in a specific situation, depending on the character, player, if I play online, offline or tournament, a player I play for the first time or someone I play on a regular base…


That’s what I meant.


For some reason I don’t mind being cornered, in endless mode anyways lol. I feel it helps a lot with my defense and kinda forces me to block, tech, punish what have u. It also helped to teach me how to handle ambiguous jumpers (MT lol)

Lately I’ve been playing a more zoning/bait style as opposed to rush down. This and corner pressure w block strings n such… nj normals and jumping normals r there… gotta work more on my kara throws and air grabs (missed kara attempts SUKK)

Edit: I don’t mind sharing my style, I figure if someone uses this info to their advantage I’d just have to adapt to whatever it is that their doing.


I abuse. I hit you with alot of different stuff, and if I notice there’s something you have problem handling, I will repeat it over and over until I win. If I don’t find anything to abuse, I guess I fall back to a poke/bait/tickthrow-mode.


i play very evasively. i dance around the screen with backflips and wall bounces, setting baits and creating openings. i always try to izuna drop my opponents. i also spam backflip to scarlet terror for meter. sometimes my opponent will try to attack me during backflip and eat the st.


LOL Alex.

My Vega is the one that wishes it was a bird, but if it isnt a cat, then what is it?


my play style is simple. press buttons until the other guy is dead.


I don’t have a real style. That is how I keep my opponents guessing.


I will use crystal flash or whatever its called where I roll at you and cancel into super to land 4 hits with style. I will also neutral throw you, and do bloody high claw to cross you up as you get up relishing how it would feel to be blocking only to get hit by one of the least common ultras around_^)


My style would have to be a really defensive Vega. Whenever I have the life lead I tend to “lame” it out and also bate at the same time to increase my chances. My execution is pretty good when it comes to his combo’s and my opponent has a hard time guessing what I’ll do next and the next thing they get is a kara-throw. I rarely use crystal rolling flash and regular wall dives cause they get you no where and I just mix things up if I’m ever going offensive. Nothing but praises towards my playstyle with Vega as far as playing against others so far.