Exploding the grenade in specific spots (right in your face, over their head)

how do you make the grenade explode as soon as you release it, cuz when I just tap the button it travels a distance

I’ve heard that it’s a timing issue, but I’ve tried different timings only to get it out randomly not knowing the timing
…if it is a timing issue, what is the “exact” timing?

Do the motion for grenade (QCB+any kick) and hold the kick button. As soon as his arm is raised up to throw the grenade, release the button to make it explode in front of you. It is tiger-kneeable as well. I hope this helps.

Woah…that worked like magic. Scary. Thx for the advice man…really helps.

No problem. Anytime.:smiley: Also, I don’t think I’ve seen this posted anywhere in the Cable forums but there is a little trick with Cable throwing grenades in the corner. He can actually float like Storm while doing this.

What you do is corner the opponent and super jump and start throwing grenades, as many as you want. It doesn’t hit the opponent or anything but what it does is that it goes off the screen and allows him to keep throwing more while “floating” down. Great way to build meter and avoid ground projectile/supers but other than that I don’t really think it has great use. It’s still cool to see.

Man that one is preety difficult for me, anybody else have any luck with that?

Which one are you referring to, 6-Blade? What are you having trouble with? Maybe I can help you out.

Sorry I meant the one when he can do a floating gernade runnaway like storm(from what you were explaining)

It’s funny cause from the ground I can sometimes do the tigernee motion of the gernade to make him float but when trying to superjump it’s a different story.

Another question can this trick also be canceled into an ahvb to punish other cable opponents from trying to counter you?

I’m so sorry I took so long to respond back here but I haven’t had my computer in like forever. Anyway, to do the float grenade maneuver, the opponent must be in the corner and you (as Cable) must corner them.

Next, what you then do is super-jump straight up and move in the air closer to the wall to where you are above the opponent and then just start throwing the grenades. Once you see if go off the screen, throw another one and repeat this process indefinitely. You’ll notice him starting to float all the way down as you keep throwing them.

And yes, it can be cancelled into an AHVB. Hope this helps.:smiley:

how do you make the nade explode right over his head?


… Hold the which ever kick your using until it reaches above his head and let go…

doh. every time i try that, it doesn’t blow up until mid screen

my problem is actually because i was tapping the button, so it doesn’t explode over me. it just goes half way

:bluu: h-kings super duper meter just went down… lol… j/k

when you do the command, you’re never releasing the button till you want it to explode. ya dont do the command, release, then hold it, then release… tho i think you knew that…

yeah… :frowning:

never happens to me…