Exploding toilet leaves Brooklyn man with shrapnel wounds, afraid to flush


A Brooklyn man was seriously injured by an exploding toilet in his co-op and remains so traumatized by the blown-up john that he uses a rope to flush from a safe distance outside the bathroom.

just wow

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Looks like he blew shit up…

And he was trying to get rid of the NY Giants.


Shoulda listened to Jay and Kanye and watched the Throne


That 2001st flush.

Can’t blame him for being scared of toilets now though. I’ve had a kitchen cabinet fall forward and damn near dump it’s shit on me when I was putting dishes away. For a little while after that I didn’t want to be near that cabinet even after it was fixed.


Not to be a dick or anything (though this statement may be inherently “dick-ish”), but did you see that picture?

This grown man is straight up standing there with this serious face as if he’s on some sort of life threatening mission yet all he’s really doing is pulling a little piece of rope with his finger-tips from afar because he’s scared of the horrors that his toilet may unleash upon him. And did you see the way that the article worded it? “He cowers before the porcelain bomb.”




Does he wash his hands 1st after wiping his ass or wash his hands after touching that rope


Does not look enough like Murtaugh.

Is not too old for that shit.



Shit happens


Happens before he flushes that toilet that’s for sure


Pretty common in schools in Brooklyn, especially around 4th of July.


He’s got PTSD

Potty Training Stress Disorder.


Million’s last step toward full-on supervillainy.

Consider it a lab accident.


Post Toilet Shit Disorder?

Thanks I’m here all week


Nobody’s misfortune is safe on SRK lol.

I feel bad for the damn guy.


Brings new meaning to explosive diarrhea .


Between Dave Chappelle, Danny Glover and the poor guy in real life, why is it only black guys suffer from this exploding toilet phenomenon? Wtf do you guys eat?


Fat white women.


It be like that sometimes



smh at ths nigga,he need to take that rope and hang himself for this fuckery…smh at that public bathroom toilet.Step ya game up son