Exploiting Shocking pink assist

Yesterday I saw http://shoryuken.com/2012/03/12/umvc3-viewtiful-joes-bomb-assist-shenanigans/
So in credit to that I came up with this, post your masterpieces

ToD on Thor starting with no meter


Very cool… just wondering, why do these combos have to end? I know Shield Skills -> Sharpsting is completely untechable, is it not?

Shield Skills isn’t a soft knockdown anymore. They eventually flip out…

Could I pair Thor’s mighty smash L with the shocking pink assist and get the same results?

Try it when you get the chance.

Why is this still unexplored? I wonder if this can help out my favorite Webhead.

also posted in video thread

after alot of more testing the shocking pink assist is unreliable ive had it not count hits and damage, not count hit but include damage, count hits and damage… not work on 1p side and 2p side ive even tried it against point, mid, and anchor characters way to finicky to be viable option in a match unless you can react and convert off the combo that counts the bomb, itd be cool to see in a match though

also got footage of it, just too lazy unless someone wants to see it