Exploiting the Bottom: The Series!


Well guys, I have been at SRK for about 3 months, and I have been active but not in a serious fashion (supply information for the needy). And I believe that this is a way that I can give you guys information while exposing myself in the community.

If you guys played me online, you know that I’m not really good, which isn’t that bad because I played Marvel for about 8 months. You also would know that I take pride in my low tier play (even though I am currently learning some top tier characters). I LOVE LOW TIER MARVEL!! It is just as fun as Magneto fighting Storm, Cable fighting Sentinel, and Strider taking on Spiral.

Because of my love for low tier marvel, I am making a series of threads, exploiting the characters you call garbage, weak, limited, etc. (some of this is true lol)

The series will be called Exploiting the Bottom!

Every two weeks, maybe three weeks, I will make a thread on a lower tier character. You will know about it because it would be a relatively new post on that character lol. You will also know because in the thread title, it will say “Exploiting the Bottom: (blahse blahse)”.

First, it will contain an overview of the character: Notable normals, all of the specials, all of the hypers, solo Bnb’s, solo resets, and the assist they have and it’s usage (Best assist IMO also included).

Then it will contain the best assists for this character: BnB’s with assist, resets with assist, and the works. I will also put good teams with this character.

After that, I will put strats for them vs the Top 8. Not just gods, the top 8. Thats right lol. I am also willing to talk about other characters that give the characters the most trouble.

After it is all said and done, I shall give them a grade according to the following things above.

Well, this is just the introduction. Tell if you think this is a good idea. Give suggestions to make my idea better (title changes, additional stuff that should be in the agenda, etc.). Help a fellow SRK member provide for you all.

Even though most people won’t look at characters like Shuma-Gorrath or Jin, I still feel like I should post it up just in case some people wanna learn.

The first character I wanna exploit is Jin.

Thanks for the input, and feel free to give me constructive critisicm.

Chris aka Cee Dizzy aka Dizzy (whatever you wanna call me)


Hate to break it to you, but most characters (from the bottom to the top) have been extensively explored. And most people who have common sense already understand the basics, intermediae and advanced tactics of most characters. So, nothing is gonna light the scoreboard so to speak.

Now, you see? You see how agitating it is to have someone insult your post, that you want to share with others? It kinda upsets you doesnt it? I know it does, so you should understand where I was coming from. I like low tier as well, its a different world and combos are more exciting with low tiers. I dont want beef with you or anybody else, but you have to understand that other people will benefit from basically ANYTHING that is posted. Regardless if its old or not, you have new members and noobs/scrubs who will use that to get better. Suprisingly MvC2 is still new to some gamers, who are virgins in the game. Thats my objective, to help them out (including you if you want my help) and see them progress. Im not Godlike or some well-known tournament player, but I have been playing since it came out and I know a lot about the game. I want advice too, everyone does. Thats all I want to share with you guys, thats it.

But to humbly respond to this post, maybe you should cover Marrow a bit. A lot of scrubs/noobs play with characters that are in the shadows of the main characters, so I know youre gonna cover most of them anyway…I was just giving one to talk about.



lol you still mad about that :pleased:?

No it doesn’t insult me actually. I know what I am working with 9revolta. And characters like Jin, Shuma Gorrath, etc. haven’t been explored deep enough.

I got some interesting shit with Jin man. You have no idea. None at all. And Im currently working on Shuma-Gorrath as we speak too. There are stuff that you have no idea about. Resets, combos, move usages, etc.

Now looking at my views for the thread, I’m not gonna alot of support for this (from you or anyone else). But I still feel obligated to do this because I posted this thread up and I applied so much time into some of these unrecognized characters.

Marrow is coming up though, believe it. Thanks for the comment. Appreciate the input :tup:


jin sux


Have you dove into the character specific forums? There’s been more discovered than you think.


Jin doesn’t suck… I’ve had close matches against jin just b/c of that freaking unblockable blodia punch… if that big ass robot arm hits your assist before it hits your point things get ugly. You could make a whole gameplan around building meter and unleashing that shit.


jin sucks. Just because he has that unblockable doesn’t mean shit really. point character still have the opportunity to follow up assists. Characters like, akuma, ryu, marrow, omega red, cammy, mummy, bbhood, felicia, hulk, gambit, etc… all have tactics to stop jin from continuing with that punch. On top of that, if you followed up your helpers and use them properly, jin will have to bait them out which is the problem. Jin doesn’t have very many tools to open someone up. He has this god forsaken low that is slow as piss and an instant overhead. If you actually block him high all day, you can block low on reaction. He has the worst hi\o game of any character that has an instant overhead. His mediums are ass as well, take forever to recover. Jin also has NO mobility what so ever. His combo’s w\o meter are pretty crappy. His assists are useful though which is an upside.

some characters lack sufficient tools to be effective, jin is one of them.


no I agree… jin is not the best…but he does have his uses… bring him in with several meters and he can smash the crap out of capcom or psy… the unblockable is just bonus.

not something really great or anything… but I’ve had my buddy who’s only moderately ok at the game annoy the shit out of me w/it a few times. He would call assist coverage just before nailing my assist so even if sj. adf to avoid the unblockable sometimes I’d block and still get pushed back into the last hit or two. Really annoying.


no, thats awful for a strategy because its easily stoppable. With akuma all I have to do is qcb+pp, with ryu qcf+pp, with felicia qcf+kk, with mummy do the mash super, with bbhood qcf+pp, with hulk qcf+pp, with gambit qcb+kk, cammy can KBA since its invincible, omega red can use his super or poke jin through the ground with that ground spike move. Its just super easy to stop that damn punch.

Not only that, jin is dedicating like a mother fucker. So what if he hits your assists. Its not juggy level damage solo, jin doesn’t have high stamina like juggy and jin so easy to hit with a big combo afterwards. I’ll gladly trade 40% life for a dead jin and a guard break setup\mixup on the next incoming character.

IMO, jins best use is an assist that fights last. Thats his role in this game.


i’d agree again. capcom almost suggests that by giving him his armor effects when he’s last. plus the unblockable which as you mention is only so so useful most of the time… could be a lot more useful if its down to the end and you get a chance to use it.

edit: I think the main thing that makes sinks it in the end is that you can’t DHC after that last unblockable hit if I recall correctly… only before it…

Jin can be effective in short bursts. He can’t be whored a lot of matches in one sitting… just doesn’t have that many tricks to be effective. But he can do ok here and there.


This is why I’m doing this. To prove Jin and others doesn’t suck. Now he isn’t as good as Magnus and them, but he can hold his own IMO. I’ll show yall how. You rock for the comment though :rock:

I did. It lacks stuff. And nobody post in the forum for low tiers anymore. Like Jin. Nobody looks in the thread. You see higher-jin posting some stuff about Jin, but nobody looks at that shit man. because jin “sucks”.

Don’t worry, if a character has a sticky with good info, I won’t do it. Like Capcom, Collosus, Thanos, etc. have stickies with really good info. I won’t do that for them. But Marrow, Shuma, Jin, etc. yes I will attempt to do. You also rock for this comment :rock:

Blodia punch destroys assist man. Thats half damage gone my dude. Plus the point takes like 50 for the unblockable (I wouldn’t try it against Cable. A good Cable WILL hit you with AHVB). And Blodia punch is unrollable? If Jin’s Blodia hits, I’ll be safe. Try it man.

But you are right. His main role is to be the assist man. But if you get snapped out, and all you can do is Cr. RH xxx Dynamite, you are screwed (this is a good strat against a dumbass pattern Magnus though). Thanks for keeping this thread alive. You get 2 rock faces and a thums up. :rock: :rock: :tup:



Good team, nice protection for Jin. A team setup for aerial defense/offense and ground defense/offense. There are several things you can do with Jin, but keep in mind he is one of the more slower characters in the game. His dwn.hp & s.hp have bad lag, his cr.lp2 are decent (cause of the chip dmg) but need to be covered with assist and his cr.hk and s.hk also need coverage. Most smart opponents wont fall for the old “wait then explode” tactic. His supers can be punished with ease, and his mobility is below-average. Although he has his flaws, he also has some powerful moves to work on. Every character has their pros & cons, thats called balancing. Although some are more balanced than others, its understandable. Hes okay, but need practice.


I like that team to an extent. Jin/Capcom isn’t what Im a fan of. Its not really good. You can do a sweet ass air combo and you can link 2 Blodia punches (which is awesome), but thats pretty much it. Jin/Doom is really good. There is a sweet ass trap with these 2. I like Sent/Jin/Doom, and Jin/Cable/Rogue (only semi-awesome).

I wish I had a frickin’ camera so I can futher input my future threads. I plan to make threads that are one stop info spots. having videos and tutorials of Jin and others in action would be awesome.

BTW thanks for the comment :rock:

You can tell I’m in a good mood lol


jump the super, kill jin. Try to find some new stuff, but please, put more thought into it than he has a good unsafe super.



and yet i think you can make that case for a lot of the best moves around… proton cannon, hsf, ect…ect…


Do whatever you want, just make note there are plenty of ways around jins punishment options. It’s only a good tool when you’re unaware of the options that counter it. Make a list, move on.


Not every character has unique dynamics that can be talked about in depth. IMO, it would be better if you guys address the better low tier characters. This way if someone wants to play them, they know they’re playing a team has potential to be good or great. Not a bum character who has no really strong assets.

its a good idea to get people to play low tier but detailing information about jin or shuma isn’t going to reel in the big fish. Talking about the BEST low tier characters and why they’re good. Explaining team concepts to support the lead character and mid game character. These are things players will look @ and appreciate.

I can spin this idea and make a thread that will get players talking and I will not take any credit for it. I just merely want to get the thread pointed in a new direction because I think its a good idea, it needs to be tweaked slightly though.

I want to talk about the better characters who posses qualities that qualifies them as effective characters. Why are we talking about jin when we could be talking about omega red? There are so many GOOD low tier characters that don’t really get play. IMO, its stupid to talk about the bums when some great characters go underneath the radar.


I don’t actually play jin… that being said I tend to support all the characters to some extent.

I WOULD rather be talking about certain low tiers… cough (obviously love thanos and hulk)…

Omega red, bison, and sonson get my votes as characters I’d like to see looked at for further study though. Running into a quality one of any of these 3 is very rare… but when it happens it can make for good games.


Idk. I like Jin and Shuma alot. They throw people off. But if you think it is a bad idea, I won’t do those 2, or servebot (what was discovered was discovered IMO) or some shit like that.

I was considering Omega Red too. I never really played him, but I have played a hella good Omega. So I know he can be a pain in the ass.

So I will do him or Marrow or Rouge (a rush down character). Since I have been fucking around with Rouge I’m probably going to do her first, then Omega.

Thanks for the input.

But bum characters? Ouch… lol

Yeah I was about to do Sonson third, but the order changed a little as you see my address to Shoultz. Even though I know that you guys know the power of Rouge, I will put some study into her and see if I can get some good shit with her.

I had this idea for about 3 months, but you beat me to Thanos already, and even if I did one still it would be super redundant.


Rogue is good but I think a lot of people play her and know her pretty well so you’d have to really come up with some interesting stuff.

Thanos is always WIP. He’s so far form done… the dude has like everything cept airthrow. Combo’s and resets are one thing… but I learned how to move, stay alive, and generally operate by watching seawang mostly. Til I saw a good thanos “flow” I’d not have known what to do with him or even cared to try. Once I saw what he did to safely move around, rush down, keepway, build meter… ect… the combo’s and resets actually got used and had a point besides looking good in a vid.

So I guess what’d I’d be looking for in a character analysis is exactly that sort of stuff… how do they move around… what baiting techniques are safe for them… how do they build meter… in other words… where are the opportunities. Combo’s are the easy part… its a gameplan that lets you land them that gets tougher.