Exploring Lobo


Hey there, I’m new to SRK, but I’ve been an avid user of Testyourmight since the release of MK9. As i’m now a staff member on the site.

Anyway, I’m a tournament player here in the UK, and due to ll the speculation Lobo received at launch as to whether he was a good character or not, I decided to grind him out as much as possible. As I decided to drop Lex Luthor for Lobo straight away.

Here are some of the things I have with him so far.

MB Charge - Safe on block, when connected close enough, Lobo will swap sides with them at the very last minute, making it very hard to tell what direction he’s facing while the opponent wakes up. You can guarantee this every time from a connected B2,U1 or B1,2 so long as you connect it as a string.

From here, you can go for some confusing looking setups as demonstrated here.

On block you will be safe, and can potentially backdash block string attempts, or you can while if you anticipate a backdash.

B1,2 - Low starter that gives + frames on block. On block, string guarantees a free D1, which can be chained into MB charge for neutral situation. Great string to do up close and can be hitconfirmed into B1,2,13 on hit.

B2,1 - Overhead into low, on hit lands huge damage, -8 on block, make this move safe by chaining it into a MB charge for neutral setup, on hit also guarantees Lobo to swap sides if chained into MB charge.

On block, Lobo can also chain into low gunshot, which is scary should Lobo have a nuclear round stocked.

Corner control from Lobo’s standing 3 is effective if you keep your opponent scared to jump out, some characters have to make the right read to escape, and Lobo has more options due to safe specials and the range/startup of standing 3.

2,1 - long range string that can be chained into his low/high whip, this is especially effective at chasing down backdashes on the opponents wakeup, works well from a connected low whip, as most characters cannot backdash. Is NOT 100% safe should the opponent jump on wakeup, it’s your duty to condition the opponent not to jump.

Nuclear shot - makes F2,3 splat the opponent, allowing Lobo to land some ambiguous crossups on the opponents wakeup. Low nuclear shot Can be combo’d into B1 MB command grab for huge damage.

B1, nuclear shot is also very effective in setups for low command grab.

Let me know what you guys think, I’m aware this isn’t everything, but I really wanted to find what makes Lobo tick, and he’s a very fast paced and aggressive character should you manage to get in.

There has also been a discovery made from his MB charge, the further away you land the attack, the more advantage Lobo receives on block, which if spaced correctly can guarantee a 1,1,3 or B1 to set up more advantage options.

Apologies if this has been posted in the wrong area, as I said, I’m new to SRK.



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