Expo Fighter - E3 Fighting Game **MAY 17 UPDATE Launch June 1st. 200$ combo contest**



I’ve decided to get people motivated to find some good combos by throwing a little contest.

How to enter:

  1. Find the highest hit combo you can find with any fighter in the game.

  2. Record yourself preforming the combo and upload it online.

  3. Post a link to the combo as a reply to this blog post.

Whoever posts the highest hit combo by the end of day May 31 will win 200 $ and a one of a kind in game badge.

Note – post ko combos do not count. Using hacks or mods to the game will not count. In event of a tie the person who posted a reply first will win.
Good luck


The game is launching June 1st. Get Hype! I’ve opened up the game for public testing. Come try it and give me some feedback.


It’s been a long time since the last update, I’ve been in the lab cooking this game up and it’s getting closer to release. This week I’m starting a closed network test to improve the netcode and balance and I need your help with it. If you are interested in testing the game out send me a PM for a login.


The official Expo Fighter Teaser just debuted on Wake Up SRK:


***UPDATE APR 17 ***

I want to answer some questions that have come up a lot lately. If you have a question please ask me at miggsthejust@gmail.com



Who are you and why would I give you money?

I am a game designer who has been working in the industry for 7 years now. During that time I have been a developer on 3 indie projects in varying roles:

***Once Upon a Time***- Role: Combat designer/Level designer

***Super RPG Boss Battle Master***- Role: Scripter/Game designer

***DrumSkulls***- Role: Level designer/Game designer

In addition to working on game projects I have been an instructor of game design at Vancouver Film School game design program. There I taught classes in game mechanics (awarded best course by students) and level design as well as mentored over 50 student final projects (basically 3 month game projects).

I have a strong background in fighting games, playing for many years and running many tournaments and ranbats in the vancouver area.

This project is a labor of love for me. I have been working towards this for many years and I am at a point in my career where I have the understanding to create a strong game design and implement it effectively.

If you have reservations about contributing based on my experience or understanding I urge you to watch the live stream at twitch.tv/miggsthejust to see how I work and even ask me any questions you might have.

Why are you creating this by yourself?

This isnt entirely true, I am the project lead and will be handling a majority of the work, but I will be contracting several key pieces of the project. I will be contracting the design of the interface and menus out to another designer as well as the music of the game. These contracts are factored into the contribution goal.

What I dont want is to talk people into working on this game for free. I’ve worked on many projects where this was the case and not only is it a disservice to the talent these guys have, it also puts a lot of pressure on the project to generate a lot of money just to cover backpay. I’d rather not end up in that situation again.

I feel I’ve been able to scope this project so that it is manageable with my personal skillset, and I will be able to deliver an engaging, well built game on time based on the project budget. That being said, if we are able to raise beyond the project goal, I will be seriously considering bringing more talent on board to make the final game even more polished.

$18000 seems a little odd, where doe******s the money go?

$18000 is the number I determined would be a realistic project budget for the timeline and quality I am looking to achieve. Let me break it down a bit:

Indiegogo 4% cut - $720 (if I raise the full amount, if not $1620)

Contributor Perk costs - $1500

Monthly Development costs for 8 month dev cycle - $1400 ($11200 total)

Pay for Contract work - $5000

These are rounded numbers and dont necessarily take into account the odds and ends fees that tend to come up. I feel it is a reasonable budget for a project of this size. Please email me if you have any further questions about the budget, I’m completely open to answering them.

What happens if we dont reach the project goal?

The Indiegogo flexible funding system works a little different than Kickstarter in that if the project goal isnt reached by the deadline the project will still receive the money raised.

That being said, if we dont raise the full $18000 amount **I Promise **to contact each contributor directly and ask them if they want the money sent back. It is fully up to you. I will still be giving out all the perks that have been promised and I will still use all of the money raised to finance the game project. I will still be developing the game, but it will either be scoped down or will be delayed until I can raise money from other sources or finish the game as a part time project.

What happens if we pass the project goal?

If the campaign is able to raise above the $18000 goal, I will move the project forward into some of the stretch goals planned for the game. Integrating GGPO netcode into the online play is a major one. Hiring on more developers in order to increase the character count to 6 is another.

What is Unique about EXPO Fighter

Expo Fighter is a traditional 2D fighter and in that vein I didn’t want to reinvent the wheel when it came to the general game system. That being said, the ability to chain EX attacks together to allow for custom supers and the meter costing parry system are both improvements that I believe will give the gameplay a fresh feel, and will engage fighting game fans.

But Remember this is a game where you play as the President of Nintendo piledriving the President of Sony into the pavement! The game is full of E3 inspired insanity and that alone will make it a hilarious experience.

I don’t like your perks, can I have something else?

In short, Yes! I want to create perks that will get people excited about helping out. If there’s something you want to see, let me know and I’ll do my best to make it happen.


Here are some system details currently planned:

System Details


Hype Gauge (EX)

[]Used to activate some of the more powerful abilities.
]Built by connecting attacks (hit or blocked). Small gain from taking damage.
[*]Gauge has 4 stocks that can be built. Unspent gauge is carried over to next round.
Hyper Attacks (EX)

[]Cost one Hype stock to activate.
]Gives new properties to a special move (invincibility, speed, damage).
[*]Can be chain canceled into one another to allow for Hyper Attack strings. As long as you have enough hype gauge and can land the next move you can continue to chain.
Denial (Parry)

[]Cost one Hype stock to activate.
]Can parry high and low attacks. Also works in air.
[*]Once in the parry state you can continue to parry at no extra cost (for example this allows you to parry a full combo chain or multi hit move at the cost of one stock).
Other important system notes:

[]Fast movement speed to facilitate proper footsies.
]No crouching throw tech, you must be standing.
[]Two chances to counter throws: a small frame window to tech, and a second longer window to soften the throw.
]Throws to have longer range and damage (closer to ST levels).
[]No standard corner cross up (might be possible in special circumstances).
]Minimal damage scaling (although combos will be generally low in hits).
Overall I’m attempting a meeting of the minds between the fundamentals focus of ST and the ability to freestyle and make intelligent reads that 3S allows for. I’d love to hear any thoughts and opinions on this base system.


Hey guys

I’m a game designer and a big competitive fighter fan, who is finally taking the plunge to create a fighter of my own. The theme is meant to be funny but my main goal is to create a smart fighting engine that rewards solid play.

The Game

I am starting from scratch on this, so a lot of the design details are still in flux but here are some of the features that are definitely involved:
[]3D graphics with 2D gameplay (SF4,MK9, ect…)
]Web browser support
[]At least 3 fully developed characters
]Local and Online multiplayer

The Stream

One unique aspect of this project is that I’m going to be live streaming the entire development from pre-production to final. If you are interested in game design or how a fighter might be designed you might be interested in checking it out. The stream starts April 1st at twitch.tv/miggsthejust.

I’ll be adding more details here as things develop but come check out the kickstarter page and if you feel interested I would love your support! Follow @expofighter on twitter for the latest updates.


Cool. Looking forward to it.

Are you doing any free beta slots? Do we just have to watch your stream?


I’ll definitely give away some free beta slots closer to the beta (closer to this fall/next spring). I’ll post more details here as we get further in development.

Man, it’s the first thing I researched when I decided to do this project. I emailed back and forth with Ponder and right now it looks like it might be impossible to integrate with Unity3D(the engine I’m going to be developing in) but I haven’t given up yet. Right now I’m investigating the engine further to see if I can somehow get it working.

Isn’t that one other indie fighter on Unity, Gilden Tide I believe, also using GGPO?

If not, you should at the very least try to implement some form of rollback netcode.

I’ll definitely get in touch with those guys and see if they’ve had any luck. Netcode is my first priority as I imagine this will be primarily played online and I cannot* stand *underwater feeling interpolation style netcode.

I think the main problem for you would be the cost, I am pretty sure ggpo costs more than the 18k you want, haha

I’m actually feeling excited for you man, I really hope it goes well but please, pleeeaaase make characters people will actually like lol

EDIT: I am slightly scared of what you will come out with because you have said “the theme is meant to be funny”

Okay, from what i’ve get, this is game is about a Fanboy Fight Arena?
Oh, i hope i can play with the Obligatory DudeBro character

Make the dudebro a grappler and I’ll give this game undying support

if there are fireballs in this game, make the Grappler-Dudebro say “man, fireballs are cheap!” or something like that when he loses

seriously. make this happen.

Make the Dudebro super be him Brofisting with his pals while the opponent is in the middle of all the brofists

OR, his 720 throw could be a T.Hawk inspired wedgie XD. Whipping you in circles by your underwear!

In al honesty OP, I hope you take your concept and RUN with it. You can get some really funny and entertaining interactions and meta references going on, as well as some interesting character archetypes.

I can’t wait to start seeing more from this game. I wish you the best of luck.

looks entertaining enough

If you can’t get GGPO you might want to investigate RollCaster which has source code available.

Also, whilst I wish you luck, since no-one knows who you are or the quality of your ideas, it’s a bit ambitious to ask people to pony up money for your project.
Personally I feel in such cases it’s better to work in your spare time on a demo, and then do a kickstarter to make it a full game once you can demonstrate that you have some potential.

Thanks for the tip on RollCaster, I’m taking a look through it right now.

Being weary of contributing is totally understandable; due to the nature of the project I didn’t want to have too much designed or implemented before hand. Hopefully after people check out the stream and see more of the project people will feel confident enough in it to contribute.

If you want to see some of my previous work you can check out Once Upon a Time here : http://onceuponatime.wakinggames.com/ a game that I designed with a couple friends a few years ago.

Ah, you’ve released something before. That’s very positive sign!

Just a reminder that the live stream is starting tonight at 6:00pm pst. I will be discussing some of the mechanics of the game and doing a little research on released titles.

If you are interested in the game design process you might want to come check it out: twitch.tv/miggsthejust