Exposed! Ashley Madison, Cheating Dating Site, Hacked!

Well damn!!!

But REAL NINJAS would cheat by having Side-Chicks stay in their lane and know their roles.

“For what it’s worth, more than 15,000 of the e-mail addresses are hosted by US government and military servers using the .gov and .mil top-level domains.”

why would you

Oh shit! Josh Duggar from 19 kids and counting?!?!?!?!

Been drunkenly perusing the data last few hours

Found 2 people I know pretty well, and a few people I work with I dunno too well

Im gonna research some names as well from my job…My God if I catch one of them…

Lofl they need to learn to cheat better

You can unzip some of the obvious gz and 7z files and just search by city, name, or email address, pretty fucking easily lol.

If I wasn’t worried about the complete legal/religious ramification’s, the smart thing to do would be to take this info and start a website that let’s you search the dump data for like 50¢ a search.

PM the link Fam! I was only able to check by email

Someone is already working on an app that correlates your gmail contacts with the list. I just assume that most people would cheat if they’re not 100% happy and have an opportunity to be happy with someone else without getting caught, so I don’t need to look. Scrodinger’s Nosy Neighbor. All of my contacts simultaneously are and also aren’t complete scumbags.

My plan worked! In the ensuing panic I’ve slept with all of their wives!

…torrent it

literally 90-95% of the site was dudes, people fail to realize this. I doubt any women are gonna get busted in this sadly, this will be a sad day for Mantropolisville.

I’m laughing my balls off, because real dudes don’t need a website to get side pussy. Y

how can I get my hands on that email list?

hook a bother up…I am not even a brother/black but link to all email address?

i still find it fascinating that non traditional relationships were using that site and not just people who are cheating. but they will be bunched in with “cheaters”. apparently it was the most popular/best advertised site for people in non traditional relationships like poly.

Somebody was mad as that they got cucked

Tyrone leaked this.

[details=Spoiler] Long dick style.

inb4 twice as many people sign up for match/eharmony in the forthcoming weeks cuz E-vorce rates are gonna double.

Also it’s about time this song gets peeped on SRK.
Jim video.

The amount of salt from Reddit alone yesterday was glorious.

Lol at Toronto.

Maybe the same reason why-how they get their expense cards paid by the govt while on their Vegas strip club benders, which was another news report not that long ago - don’t even care to be discreet, job security

9.6 million transactions. So that website was that big huh, even before we saw those commercials-which somehow got allowed on TV.

just go to any torrent site and look for the Ashley Madison Dump

I think AM was big in Toronto, because that’s where it started. Thankfully, the site actually did have a good amount of local available girls on it.