Exposed! Ashley Madison, Cheating Dating Site, Hacked!

I had made a profile on there in like 2012 or something

Dont see how they had so many members you cant do anything unless you pay. FUQ DAT

yeah, the site did have that one limit of not allowing cheap broke ass bitches to participate…

If you ain’t got the bread, you ain’t gettin’ head!

AKA the lighter the dick, the fatter the wallet.

Got Diyamn! All these years of man hoe’in is finally catching up to me…

I use 2 private sites and didnt find them there. PM me a torrent link…I will send you invite to one of the best torrent site in return lol

so “kickass” it didn’t have the torrent, lol?

funny story…

anywho, pm sent


Muh consenting adults. Stay classy SRK.

So what do you think the average profilo was?

“Looking for a REAL woman, Not a lesbian.”


WTF are we doing so wrong to make people want this in the first place?

Oh, yeah… religion! Imagine that…

Everybody talks about how bad cheating is, but NO ONE is ready to tackle why marriages end up in that situation in the first place.

isn’t it usually money?

And the biggest problem I see with this is how these people are in a committed and trusting, established relationship. AKA the institution of marriage. It’s not that religion makes it sacred, but the practitioners of it that should be taking it seriously.

But hey a site like that’s got a lot of potential for under-the-table prostitution which was probably more often than not. Not like the cheating fantasy requires the other person to be cheating on their spouse too.

Traditional values.
Gotta find a woman that actually respects you first and the man has to act in a way that commands respect. (Ie: Not fooling around/ checking out asses)

Cuckolds and Betaf*gs BTFO.

Cant make a whore into a house wive either.
Remember the mantra. No hymen; No diamond.

True Facts: Religion has never stood a chance against pussy. It has been a 9-1 matchup since the beginning of time.

For those of you who downloaded the dump files, in order to read them, just convert the .dump files to .cvs files, and open with excel or whatever.

I warn you, they’re pretty big and will take a bit to load lol.

If anybody knows a faster way, lemme know :stuck_out_tongue:

You can open them with notepad, context, or sublime text 3, but I warn you, my sexy pc took about 5-10 minutes to open one of the smaller files, and it exceeded row count in openXL.

Use notepad++

(Let’s try to avoid derailing this thread with talk of religion unless you guys can actually discuss it rather than just talking past each other, shall we?)

I’m still not sure entirely what I think about the breach, but at present I’ve settled for thinking all parties as being in “the” wrong to at least some degree: the hackers for breaking in, Ashley Madison for not having its data secured and apparently lying about some of its services, and anyone who was using this site to try to cheat (when they could probably have done it more easily off-line).

The only out-and-out good thing that’s come out of this so far is the Duggar clan be made to look like fools again.

No one is “ready” because that would require the examination of the highly privileged, illusory positions of morality that both religion and marriage occupy in society; you personally know how difficult it is for people to examine even just the former, especially after years, even decades, of (being intimidated into) not questioning it. Given that a lot of the economy and labor output, as well as the vast majority of the moral, supposedly depends on the latter being inherently virtuous and morally unassailable, it’s little wonder that the blame always gets upon onto something else. This especially when you add in the fucked up gender and sex politics of things for and by most people.

So ignorance once again is supposedly bliss.

says the file is too big to open with notepad++

hence why I suggested CVS to some of you, since that at least got some of my shit working…

these are like 4-16gb files lol

If morality is just a concept to determine right or wrong based on faith or books then what is the correct one?

If morality is only based on society standards or laws then how would they know what is wrong?

Deist/ Atheist questions are not a new concept or the questions are not new or ground breaking either. Doesnt stop the latter from loving the smell of his own shit. But go on, Ask some questions, All you did was question very vaguely of a why?
And I’m saying that traditional values and religion are of the same thing. Or more specific, Christianity.

Wouldnt be an issue if the marxist ideologies werent so rampant.
The marxists society is a godless society.

Christianity did not invent good moral behavior nor ethical behavior. Plenty of people who did have have christianity lived their lives being good human being. If you want to argue that religion helped facilitate discussion of morality and/or ethics within the context of their culture, that’s one thing, but as you have phrased, you are attributing things to christianity which have been observed in places without it.

I’m actually happy that happened to the site. I have about 3 friends who’s families where completely destroyed because of that site. It’s not cool IMO for kids to live under the roof of a cheating parent.