Ext. mp hands to u1 setup



Just wanted to see how many other hondas actually use this as a rational set up against the cast it works against. ( T. Hawk, El fuerte, Abel, Zangief). The timing isn’t strict at all, if you can piano in hhs then all you do is end it with your middle finger and keep mashing till the last hit of the mp hands (which isn’t hard), and it does good damage. I just dont see enough people using this set up.


It works in mirror matches too, with crouching Honda(not that rare, and HP hands into ext. MP hands works too with some setups). T. Hawk is the easiest(standing or crouching), Abel/Honda are easy too but they must be crouching, and finally El Fuerte and Gief are the hardest to time(both feel kinda like 1 frame links). I’m actually waiting for 2k12 to get back into the game for a bit.


So can you cr.lp xx mp.hhs or does it have to be mp.hhs by itself


Please check out the combo thread HERE, the setups are specific. BUT, IIRC, you can do naked MP hands on crouching abel(really easy, can be close or a bit far), on T. Hawk too(standing and blocking, and easy too), up close against El Fuerte(using HP hands into ext.MP hands) and only as reversal after a blocked EX green hand against Zangief. Most of the times it’s better to combo into it since you can’t just do MP hands out of the blue.

EDIT: I ordered the characters from easiest to hardest