Extend a LS-32 shaft without a shaft extender?


After searching, I didn’t find too much results other than the LS-36 mod thread, but I’m not sure that’s what I’m looking for.

Is there anyway to extend the shaft for the LS-32 without an extender? I want to try out an LS-32 and purchase it from LizardLick since they got them back in stock. I had an HRAP EX-SE for a bit, and I liked the LS-32 enough, but the problem was that the shaft was too short. I’m used to JLF height.

Also, can someone give me a bit of a breakdown between the LS-32, LS-40, and LS-56? Because if one of those is similar but with a taller shaft (like JLF measurements), then I’d be interested to try it instead of the LS-32.



What are you installing LS-32 into?

Because for HRAP, Sanwa JLF is same height as Seimitsu LS-32(-01) with SS Mounting Plate.
I know, because I just measured right now.

So you saying LS-32 Shaft too short, and not JLF Shaft height is not right, for the HRAP.


Sorry, I forgot to say what stick I was going to install it in. I have a TE-S, HRAP VX-SA, and HRAP VLX. The stick will go either in the TE-S or VLX.

Thanks for the quick response, jdm. You’re always on it.

And do you think I might want to consider anything other than the LS-32 based on what I’ve stated? What I’m really looking for is a stick tighter than the JLF, but with the height of the shaft of a JLF in a TE stick.


Use an S shaped plate (I think that’s what they’re called) instead of a flat plate?
Seimitsu SS Mounting Plate
I could be wrong since I’ve never done it before, but I thought that was exactly what they were for. Did your previous one use a flat plate? If so, swapping for an SS plate would bring the stick up 8mm or so to the right hieght.


I’m not sure how the EX-SE was set up, I just had it stock and never opened it. Well, so long as the SS plate is good, then I’ll just get an LS-32-01 unless anyone wants to chime in on the other Seimitsu sticks. Thanks, toodles and jdm.


The EX-SE comes stock with the SS plate because without it the shaft length of the LS-32 would waay too short (it’s still playable, but just weird…especially if you hold the stick with the wineglass grip).

Could it be an illusion that the LS-32 shaft looks shorter than the JLF? I just looked at two of my sticks that have a JLF and LS-32 and the shaft height looks the same.


Maybe it is an illusion? Or could it be Hori’s panel?

I didn’t base it on looks though. I’m going off my memory based on how my hand held the stick. I seem to remember my hand having less room between the balltop and the panel on the HRAP than any TE I’ve played (I use the wineglass grip).

I could be totally off base though, but it’s honestly what I remember.

EDIT: The descriptions at Slagcoin state that the shaft length for both the JLF and LS-32 are 23-24mm. However, when I look at the pics at Slagcoin, I only see that the JLF shaft is longer than the LS-32.

The LS-55 and LS-56 seem to have longer shafts, but I have no idea how they compare to a LS-32.

I’m totally confused. Hopefully someone can clear this up for me.


the LS-56 sits pretty low in my SE stick with an MS (flat) plate, I’m certain it would be the same in your TE-S.

the LS-40 with SS plate is taller than an LS-32 with SS plate. 1.5 mm taller to be exact. I’ve played with both and while the difference seems small, it’s definitely noticeable. This is what I currently have in my SE stick.

EDIT: LS-56 with MS plate is 1mm shorter than LS-32 with SS plate.

LS-56 with MS plate is 2.5mm shorter than LS-40 with SS plate.

Lastly, JLF is .5mm taller than LS-56 with MS plate.

If anyone sees an error here, please correct me. These are based off Slagcoin measurements and personal experience.

Actually, it is saying that those joysticks are commonly mounted with 23mm-24mm of shaft between the top of the control panel and the bottom of the ball top. The length of the actual shaft does not matter here.


Oh, I see. Thanks for that, 56k. How would you compare the LS-40 to the LS-32? As I previously said, I want something that is tighter than a JLF, but in the end, what I really want the most is a Seimitsu stick that will be as tall on a HRAP or TE-S as a JLF is.


Both LS-40 and LS-32 are tighter than a JLF.

LS-40 is tighter than an LS-32.

LS-56 is by far the tightest of them all, but sits way too short for what you want.


Thanks again everyone.


Just to give you another alternative: The LS-55 is 1 mm longer than the JLF


i was going to mention LS-55, but it is quite similar to a JLF (big engage, big throw) and he wants a tight joystick.


Well, it doesn’t have to be too much tighter than a JLF, so an LS-55 might work. Problem is I just wanted to get an -01 version of a stick so I could just stick it in a TE without much hassle.

Honestly now, I’m leaning towards the LS-40-01. It’s tall enough for me, and I’ve just read that the engage distance is really short. I might like that.


Anyone else want to chime in before I buy my joystick?


The LS-55 also exists as -01 model :wink: But of course the mounting plate wont fit into the TE as easy as a JLF-plate does.


Unless I’m wrong,

What I’ve read of Seimitsu joysticks is that the shafts are (for the most part shorter).

I have installed LS-32-01’s in several joysticks and can you tell that those ARE shorter than the JLF. So are LS-40’s from what I gather.

I know the LS-32’s are shorter because A) you have to use the S(S?)-mounting plates to install them in Hori HRAP SA/SE or Mad Catz TE’s to get the proper stick height from the face plate hole; and B) I’ve customized shaft protectors for all my LS-32’s and have had to cut down the customized shaft protectors to the height of the LS-32.

(NOTE: Nobody makes shaft protectors for LS-32’s. You have to custom make your own from the proper diameter PVC pipe, or buy JLF shaft covers and thin them out from the inside to fit the LS-32. I buy JLF-CD kits since they’re available and the cheapest option. Mad Catz sells multi-colored shaft covers for the JLF as well but they cost $5 each before shipping gets added in. Personally, I like black plastic better since it matches every color combination you can think of…

(LS-40 shaft covers ironically fit JLF’s with the same modding procedure but will NOT fit LS-32’s which are significantly wider than the LS-40.)