Extended throw range

Rolento’s punch and kick throws grab from 60 pixels away (as opposed to the average 52 pixels). That’s why stuff like command roll back, dash forward, throw work so well.

Just thought people should know this.

Maki and Raiden also have extended range on their punch throws for some reason as well. (65 and 85 respectively)

Yeah, Raiden’s throw range is sick.

Chang has that cheap throw range too. I don’t remember off the top of my head, but it’s at least like 65 or something too. JD, throw is one of the reason’s why he’s good in K.

how do u know this stuff were do you get this info?

This has been talked about many times… also it is listed in an article on this site, as well as probably other systems guides…

Ohh… ic… but sometimes i don’t look at the stats of the game, just the feel of the characters priority and etc, etc stuff.