There was a guy at the arcade a while back who couldn’t get a win off me for a few days, but saw me messing around with Servbot and said, “If I can’t beat your stupid Servbot team, I’m gonna jump off the roof of the mall.” I was using a team I call ‘Extension’ for its 3-guage super chain I use. I build meter with Tron on point (I’ve got a decent Tron game, and since no one around here ever uses her, they are BAD at countering her), and hit a full health character with Lunchtime rush. The moment before the Servbots connect, DHC into Servbot’s proj. assist form of the rush, adding 40 more minions. Halfway through all that mess, DHC into Cable’s HVB and mash. It’s among the funniest and most embarrassing moves I’ve pulled off in public (Doing it with another proj. Servbot is funnier when the hapless victim spins out at the end, but the team of Tron/SB/SB sucks too hard for even a good joke). Anyway, after the match ended and the small audience laughed it off, the guy siad something like, “Well, follow me if you want to see me jump.” Good times.

did the guy actually jump or was he being sarcasitic?

servbot is fun to play, put him with doom, and you can have some interesting set ups.

tron’s lunch rush dhc to servbot’s lunch rush is very damaging… it almost killed my ryu with full life bar…