External Capture Devices

I’m looking for a 720p/1080p (NOT 720i/1080i) external capture device for around 200 bucks.
I have an usb 3.0 mainboard and a 7200rpm hdd available and a rather decent pc to work with as well.

I’ve tested the Hauppauge hd pvr on my pc that I had before, and it had grave driver issues that produced a flickering and tearing and made it impossible to use. this was a common problem, and known to the producer, yet after years they didn’t even bothered to develop a solution / new driver, so even it might work now, I simply boycott them.

The next solution would be a B**lack Magic Intensity Pro Shuttle **which I wanted to buy till I read that it has some problems as well and recived mixed reviews, which lead me to this thread in which I want to hear if there are any other devices that I overlooked.

any help is appreciated.

In that price range, external only? It’s probably gonna be the BMI Shuttle. Some people have trouble with it (especially since it doesn’t run on all USB3 chipsets), but once you get it set up it performs pretty well. There are plenty of high-end streams that run on it. If you can’t get it working for you/you don’t like the performance, return it I suppose.

If you’d be willing to consider PCI-E solutions, you’d get more options.

AverMedia makes a capture card. You should check it out and see if it meets your requirements. Also, i think these are the CC that were given as prizes during SoCal Regionals.

well with an external device I can run it on my netbook if I need to travel with it, but what are the internal cards?

mhhh http://www.avermedia.com/avertv/Product/ProductDetail.aspx?Id=565 looks promising. amazon lists it for 150, so it’s within price range.
tho, dunno where to get it [europe] and don’t want to wait 2 months lol.

That’s true; I’ve heard good things, and the guy I talked to about it at SCR gave me the impression that they really engineered it well for gamers. It only does component, though, and it can’t even be hooked up to a computer (you attach a laptop HD or an external drive to it for the recordings), so it’s a record-only device – no streaming. If you just need archiving, though, it looks like a nice little unit. I don’t recall the maximum resolution on it, though.

Also, just noticed that you called out 720i; generally units are 720P/1080i maximum, because those two have roughly equivalent bandwidth requirements. 1080P, especially 1080P60, has an enormous bandwidth requirement (as in bandwidth from the device to the computer), thus why most externals are limited to 720P/1080i. As most of the FGC is focused on streaming, and the games we play are currently rendered at 720P (even when the consoles are outputting 1080P), most people opt for the smoother performance of 720P60 instead of unnecessarily scaling up to 1080P and only being able to pull off 24-30 FPS due to capture equipment limitations.

EDIT: A wild response appears!

Didn’t realize you were looking to work on a Netbook. I doubt you’ll have much luck doing that with 1080P from anything, really; most netbooks just don’t have the power to sling around that kind of data. You’d definitely need something with an on-board encoder, though. Also, netbook with USB 3.0? Wow, impressive; didn’t realize those were available.

This is the Aver I was talking about: http://www.amazon.com/dp/B005YR0M0W/?tag=theover06-20 I see now that it’s 720P/1080i though, so it doesn’t meet your needs. Is there a reason you don’t like 1080P? If you’re working off consoles, barely any games are actually rendering at 1080P natively (they’re all upscaled), so you’re just wasting disk space capturing at that resolution. You can use a higher bitrate at a 720P, and still come out ahead (not to mention have way more choices of hardware to choose from). Your decision, of course; just sharing my experience and knowledge.

about which device you are talking exactly? bit confused x)

no need for streaming actually… on the other hand, might just aswell have it so I don’t need to buy another one IF I’m having an urge to stream…
there are devices that reach 1080p tho.

netbook is just another option. I plan to use it mainly for my normal tower pc. spent a bit more on my netbook to ensure it has 3.0 usb, supports 1080p codecs and the like. I rather spend more and be prepared for the future then having to upgrade frequently (pc excluded). that’s the reason I’m looking for a 1080p device, since I want to use it with the new console generations in one or two years aswell, and they certainly don’t need to upscale to 1080p.

the shuttle does 1080p30 only btw, so it’s also nothing that I can consider to be useful.
now I wanna really know if http://www.avermedia.com/avertv/Product/ProductDetail.aspx?Id=565 can do 1080p60…

I appreciate your experince sharing :wink:

There are definitely options that do 1080P60 capture – I own one myself (BM Intensity Pro, their internal solution – been quite happy with it); just no external solutions in the price range that pull it off. If you have an ExpressCard slot, you might be able to get an internal card + a PCI-E to ExpressCard adapter to work, but I don’t know that you’ll be able to bring that in under $200. I think a Matrox would also be able to do the trick for you (can’t recall, but I’m fairly certain it does 1080P60 no problem; just never used one before), but that’s… $500? More? I don’t remember. It’s way more expensive.

I’m out of ideas; sorry. Good luck!

Couple things.

  1. Not every USB3 board is compatible with the Intensity Shuttle, I suggest you do some research on what chipset you have.
  2. A 7200rpm standard HDD is not fast enough to record raw 1080p, 720p might be a struggle too. You’ll need an encoder (xsplit works nicely), a RAID0 array, or an SSD to get the speeds you need. (RPM only affects seek-speed)

If you have a PCExpress34 port on (what I’m guessing is) your laptop, you could try some of the chinese HDMI capture options which apparently work suprisingly well. They’re also around $200. Anti-Dazzle posted them in the streaming guide and research thread.

any link to that guide?

the netbook would be just an option. If I only get an internal card with said quality I’m fine with that as well. so the bmi pro is recommendable? heard anything about that game capture internal card I linked above?

I have an internal card. AverMedia HD or something. Cost me $90ish



High Definition Input up to 1080i

  • HDMI
  • Stereo L/R Audio (2)
  • YPbPr Component (3)

Standard Definition Input to 480p

  • S-Video (1)
  • Composite (1)
  • Stereo L/R Audio (2)sdfs

Here’s a video I uploaded, captured in MP4 format, using the capture card on 720p settings.


The YT video has already gone through capture card software encoding and youtube processing encoding. The colors are good and it’s pretty much spot on with the source.

thanks pal. appreciate your details.
tho, sadly its 1080i again =/

Standard definition “480 progressive”??? it must be a mistake, as far as I know standard def. goes up to 480i, interlaced resolution (576i for PAL).

640x480 is widely considered an “SD” resolution, but yeah, 480p doesn’t really count as standard-definition television. In marketing speak it is EDTV.