External Enclosure Case


My 60gb PS3 has just recently died, and I have to send it in to Sony to get it fixed. Since I’ll most likely lose all of the data stored on the PS3 I plan on backing it up but I can’t acces the XMB to do the back up through the normal set up.

I’ve read and heard a little about using an enclosure device to save my information and then store it somewhere else.

Only thing is I know very little about this as I’ve seen new information like there are different sizes to each enclosure case and other problems. Hope to hear any information as to what exactly i need to get and do in order to backup my data before I send it to Sony.


What you want is a 2.5" enclosure since PS3 use laptop HDDs.


A cheap one should work for your purposes since you don’t seem to intend to use it long.


As per above, but just make sure you buy a sata interface one as well.


Don’t 2.5" drives just use standard SATA cables? If so you could just whack it in your PC (assuming it’s not 5+ years old) and back up that way.

edit: Just checked, and they do.


^^He’s right. You don’t need an enclosure.

You just pop it out and plug it into your PC as long as it’s a fairly new PC. At most you’ll just need an extra SATA cable if you don’t have one lying around.


Out of curiosity because I don’t own one, are PS3 Hard drives removable?

I would think if you’re sending your PS3 back they’ll tell you not to send the Hard Drive with it.

With the 360s they’re very clear in telling you not to send the HD with your repair because you’re probably not getting the same system back.


Yeah they are removable and technically Sony does support you upgrading the HDD. And yeah I’m sending the HDD in just saving the info. since I’m probably not getting the same system.

With the PS3, they tell you to back up your stuff but if you ask them about it they claim that they don’t support this procedure.

Oh and does it matter if the enclosure device is bigger than your HDD, does it make a difference?


It depends on the enclosure… generally you’ll want it to be the right size so the drive fits properly without putting any strain on the connections. Some will cater for both sizes, or you could always wedge some cardboard in there. :smiley:


question about this. Is it an eSATA cable or an SATA cable that I need to transfer the data from the HDD to my PC?


plain SATA

if you buy a 3.5" enclosure, the laptop drive probably won’t work because of how the connectors for power/data are spaced and as mentioned, the connectors will have to support the weight of the drive itself which isn’t a good idea…