External graphics card setups


So, i’ve been reading about using external GPU’s as a way to improve a laptop’s graphical capabilities.

I have a good amount of knowledge about how to set one up, and the cons that come with it. But I got some questions:

-What would be the best set up and graphic card for a Dell Inspiron m5010 laptop?

-what would be a good way to shelter the Graphics card and PSU unit to prevent it from any harm?


1x pcie bus bottlenecks it like crazy. It’s generally not worth it from what I’ve read.

Not to mention pcie to expresscard enclosures run expensive ($500ish for a nice Magma enclosure) and you can’t use your laptop’s screen as a display.

Are you really about to shell out a huge amount of cash for something that won’t even work that well?




You would be a lot better off putting that money towards a gaming desktop.


Funny thing is, last week someone was asking me about this.
external pcie setup for bare essentialls is 70 + shipping
PSU can get cheap depending on what you get
the GPU would be the most expensive component unless you get something previous gen.

There’s also the one thing by MSI that they said they were developing since 2011 but haven’t released anything on it as of yet. Not sure if its vaporware yet.


Its possible to do it, on a budget the the article on which d3v referenced too
But for the money you are better off with a actual desktop build.

Also you still need a external monitor as the external gpu can not display to your laptop’s monitor.