External modification of a fightpad?


I’ve discovered the dpad is offset too far to the left on the madcatz SFIV fightpad, causing me to have to hold it in an arthritis-inducing position to get anything off. I need a way to have more area to grip on the left side, so my thumb more naturally falls on the center of the dpad.

While my first thought was to apply copious amounts of electrical tape to the left side of the controller, I figured I’d ask the fine folks here their opinion.

Thanks in advance.

my first instinct would be to carve a piece of wood, and attach it to the stick through the screw holes on the bottom of the stick with some larger screws where the thread would match up, or if the holes are too shallow finding longer screws that are the same width as the old ones to attach the mod.

Interesting idea. I haven’t applied knife to wood since my boy scout days, but it’s worth considering, especially since it would be sturdier than whatever tape I applied.

I had also considered strapping some foam to one side, IE a bike handle or similar object.

I was thinking more along the lines of using a dremel, sandpaper, wood file, or some thing like that, but if you got a small block of soft wood to carve, then screwed that to a thin flat peice of wood for the bottom mounting plate, it could work.

It all depends on what tools you have.