Extra $30 to use Guile/Balrog - seriously Capcom? (at least they removed Sagat)


I don’t mind paying $60us (steam price) but now we need to pay an additional $30us to access SF classic characters like Guile and Balrog…

Eh, I’m sorry to vent - but, this move by Capcom to squeeze an easy $30 out of the community just rubs me the wrong way.

off topic: I am very happy they removed Sagat.

I suggest you stop making threads and actually read up on the game. You don’t have to pay a dime.

Stop spamming the threads asking questions that are answered elsewhere.

Yeh, sorry. Good point. I just read through the SF5 season pass thread.

Still, don’t like the idea of grinding to unlock/buy a char… eh, whatever.

Mods can delete this thread.

As a Vega main, I am ashamed you like him enough to have him as your avatar :frowning: You act like character unlocks haven’t been a thing since fighting games came out.

You noobs don’t know the struggle of unlocking the other 1/2 of the MvC2 roster…and remaining CvS cast on Arcades and Dreamcast.
It made every unlock worth it.

Don’t want to pay for DLC…yet don’t want to put in the grind.

Seriously. TC is on whole new level of moron.