Extra cool photos of Jessica Alba omg poniez!



This is really important


I think I saw George Clooney touch a SFII arcade cabinet.
I’m gonna make a thread about it.


the trend is actually dbz inspired… faggot


can we turn this into a jessica alba hate thread. i dislike her


Was she the chick from 7th Heaven or the chick from Fantastic Four?


This thread does not fit into the above.


Moved to GD.


Why Preppy…why?


He hates us obviously.


cause he hates us. its like whatever aids from fgd isnt deemed worthy there they think we want it.


gd isn’t about street fighter. it’s general discussion, so if it belongs anywhere it wouldn’t be gd. i’m not sure how hard that is to comprehend but apparently SOME PEOPLE CAN’T GRASP IT.


"Discuss anything you like. But if you’re talking about fighting games, please take it to Fighting Game Discussion! "

seems to me someone doesn’t understand that street fighter is a fighting game.


that is a pretty sick sombrero


how about we get a mod that knows what forums are for what and have this thing here moved to imm or just close the thing?

@DaRapidDuckie or @Valaris ??



shrug - my 2 cents

  • :bluu:


keep this thread alive


I did not realize that photos of Jessica Alba was a fighting game. I understand that for you they are a competitive one player game and wish you luck and lotion with that, but for the rest of the community photos of Jessica Alba are not a fighting game.

I wouldn’t argue with IMM, but didn’t think it belonged there either.