Extra damage on spd by spinning stick?

I’ve heard something along the lines of mashing the stick/buttons for massive added damage on his regular spd (similar to the way he turns red for his FAB/lvl3 FAB)

This is passed along through word-of-mouth from a quite reliable source who said he had seen it in action, but he was unsure exactly how to do it…
anybody in the l33t marvel2 Zangief circle knows of this little trick?
It’s supposedly able to make his spd about as strong, if not stronger, than his max redness FAB… so I was just curious.

thanks in advance

By rotating the stick during a SPD give you just a little extra damage. I forget what the extra damage is, its been a while since I’ve worked with Gief. Anybody can test it in Practice mode. Just put the damage meter on, and do a normal SPD. Then do another with the rotation. Its probably only an extra 10 pts max, but every point counts when using Geif.