Extra Dust Washer

Do all TE stick come with an extra dust washer below the control panel near the shaft?

Mine does an I’m just curious whether or not I’m a lucky one.

it’s a jlf thing.

On some metal control panels in arcades or in the TE there is a mounting bracket that puts some space underneath the plate. One dust washer goes under the plate meaning you put in on when you install it from underneath and then the second one on top of the metal plate. Helps keep crud out of the pivot.

Oh… that’s why I got two when I ordered dust washers from Lizardlick.

good explanation!

So that’s why I also got an extra dust washer with my JLF from akihabarashop.jp. I thought I got lucky or something :smiley:

Oh now it makes sense! I assume you can install the second dust washer in a SE stick since the bracket it’s pretty much the same as the TE edition. Might try this later.