Extra Input :/

I started using a stick for about a year now, so I guess I can say I can play fighting games on an average level (I know the fundamentals, I’m not showing off or anything) . The main problem I’m requesting for help is when I would go to training mode and turn on the input display and I would put in one EXTRA movement to about any of my moves. I would pull of the moves in current generation fighting games, but in games like 3rd strike or darkstalkers (classic fighting games in general) the extra input makes it that I didn’t execute the move property, execute via hadoken, soul fist, shoryuken ect.

I would do many techniques to improve on my execution, different stick hold positions, practicing, or playing hourly, ect. I understand that I might need more practice to improve on my muscle memory but how would I increase my dexterity? Do any pros here went through the same problem like I did? Please any help would be nice. I would like to get better at fighting games. :slight_smile: Thanks for reading my problem and my rambling :stuck_out_tongue:

So when you’re doing a hadoken you’re doing the QCF motion twice?

Double post.

Oh I should have added more details on the problem, like I would do a hadoken motion but i would always have down, back first. Shoryukens would have an extra forward at the end of the motion.

I don’t see why the hadouken thing would be a problem. As far as the srk issue goes, just tap the button a split second earlier or just ride the gate into the corner. Are you using a square gate?

That makes more sense. It’s happening to me too now actually, I’ve been learning KOF and for some reason have started doing QCF HCF for double QCF motions. The most consistent way I’ve gotten it to go back to normal QCF QCF is to stop what I’m doing, go to training mode, turn on inputs, and just grind it out until I get the feel for a QCF or SRK again.

For QCFs in 3S you could probably set the dummy to do a low hit and try to parry it into a hadoken. Unless you can parry with down-back, in which case that won’t work. You could also set the dummy to do a hadoken and try to parry it into a shoryuken. If the forward after the SRK motion comes out you should get a hadoken.

No I changed it for a octa gate. I do execute the move but the only time I really have trouble in matches is on classic fighting games that require perfect execution ( at least that’s what I assume from experience.)

Thanks but is this normal? Or is it I lack a bit of dex? I just want more ways to improve faster and better.

A few of my friends have gone through a similar phase where their execution just gets weird for a week or two. I doubt it’s a lack of manual dexterity.

Oh really?! O.O Kinda sad that I’ve had this problem for awhile now. I do have a problem where I’m always touching the stick, I’ve heard you have to let go stick when you don’t have to hold it.

It depends on your preference. If you can get the motions more consistently by letting go of the stick at a certain point do that. If not, no big deal. And don’t worry about having imprecise motions. If you’re aware that your inputs are sloppy and are trying to fix them you’ll improve.

I’ve been playing SF for nearing 20 years at this point.
Somewhere about 1/4 of my SRK inputs are one of these…

:f:, :d:, :df:, :f:+:p:
:f:, :d:, :df:+:p:, :f:
:f:, :df:, :d:, :df:+:p:
:f:, :df:, :d:, :df:, :f:+:p:
:f:, :df:, :d:, :df:+:p:, :f:

And any other combination you can think of.

It happens. If you watched pros do it, you’ll see missed inputs as well on the occasion.
If what you’re going for is frame-perfect inputs, so you don’t get that extra frame when you execute it, I recommend practicing it piecewise.
For example, break it down into separate pieces.
So your hadoken. Work on this… dash forward and then hit :d:. It will help you get used to going directly to down rather than :db:
Then work on executing the movement. Think of it as both hands doing the same movement. When you start your left at down, think of approaching forward at the exact same time as you’re going to hit the button, and try to work on your rhythm so you’re meeting both inputs at the same time. Do the same on both sides.

Thanks will do, I hope I will improve soon :frowning:

I had the same problem as you. I haven’t played a fighting game for 8+ year. Coincidentally caught EVO 2013 on Twitch and saw the stick deal they had. Got myself a stick and a copy of PC SF4AE which was also on sale.

Went straight into online endless and played 2 matches to get the feel of the competition. Afterwards, I went into training to practice performing special moves at will. With input display, I keep on getting extraneous directional inputs with my left hand.

The problem is actually very easy to fix. Practice directional inputs with left hand only while only looking at input display. Start with basic, then do special moves, then work on speed while maintaining accuracy.

After input is clean, start using your right hand buttons. You will get an initial drop in accuracy but that goes away with practice. Repeat process for combos.