Extra kick help!



How do you do the extra kick after the multiple kick super? The one where you jump to follow them and it does two kicks?


its called superjump cancel, after u launch them into the air, press down, up to superjump and press hk right away, itll hit them :slight_smile:


It’s easier to land the Fierce-Fierce after the Kick Super, the timing isn’t as precise as the Roundhouse.


After the Kick/Kick in midscreen though you can add some mixup into it by switching sides of where they land though…


could anyone by chance give me a list of those characters which can do this superjump cancel it seems very useful.


I am pretty sure every character…


hes right, and hes also right about his first post, walk under them, and then cross up, c.mp xx death or just a fierce xx kikoken or something…


Also, if you are playing against a scrub, or just want to catch someone a little off guard, try doing the super jump cancel with d + forward (head stomp) and before you land tap jab, the jab works as a jump in attack, and if it hits, you can go right into a bnb combo, or another super off links depending on your situation.

But this is not a guarantee against veteran players, but if you connect it, it looks stylish. Only do this if you want showoff points.


If you time the stomp properly after the super, you can do a CROSS UP lk off the bounce, and if you do it earlier, it doesn’t cross up…try that out for a reset!


I dont believe so. The only ones that spring to mind are Yun S.Mk(can follow up with level 3), Kyosukes super storm upper thing, and… um… thats about it.


you misread the question, he is talking who can Chun Li land this on…


Not what it sounded like to me. I believe you misread it.

He asked who could do this super cancel. If i was a newb(which it seems to me he is), i wouldnt be asking who I could do that on, because i’d assume you could do it on everyone. I’m almost ocmpletely sure he’s asking who can do this superjump cancel. If there was an on after “superjump cancel”, i’d agree. Unfortunately, there isnt. So he’s asking who can actually perform the cancel. And thats yun, kyosuke, chunli, ryo and maybe some others.