Extra Life Charity event donation drive for Primary Children's Hospital


Hello guys I hope this is the proper place to post this and since I am on here quite frequently I decided to post this here.

Tomorrow at around 10:00 am mountain time I will begin a 24 hr stream that will be primarily fighting games. feel free to donate any amount as it really does help out. Any donations you make are also tax deductible so there is good for all!! Since I live in Utah then I can pick the charity of choice and I decided to go with Primary Children’s hospital which focuses more on the terminally and injured small children the hospital has been at the exact same spot for over 90 years. This hospital is an amazing hospital but that doesn’t mean it could use some help. Again any amount helps and I hope I posted this in the best fitting area. If you would like to play as well than that would be great as well. The games that I am confirmed to play tomorrow is marvel 2, marvel 3, persona ultimax, and ultra street fighter 4. This will all be done on xbox and if you would like to play feel free to add gamertag: GeevaVeeri. Thanks guys and have a nice day/night




We doing a charity stream with @SWBeta‌ tomorrow. We’re going to donate to his freedom from the zoo.


I’m gon’ beat yo ass, nyukka

@Yenjoi‌ Best of luck and have fun! I’ll swing by and donate some dollars



dollars or banana chips?


Beta are you streaming for this this year?


I am. 3pm EST time. Check the lounge for a rough schedule.


Dollars or banna chips are appreciated :smiley:

I’ll be starting in 20 mins


I’m about to check. Depending on how long you stream, I’ll drop by to say hi.


Stream is 24 hours straight, so I’ll be seeing you at one point or another!


There seems to be a problem hold on I’m trying to fix it


K we are officially up come hangout with some marvel starting off


I was not prepared for hunger as there was no food at the house. I will return shortly I just need to go get some food as you don’t want to do this on an empty stomach


I will return with some street fight with a friend he is one of the best sakura players in my opinion and is on par if not better than Alex myers


And I’m back same link applies now I am playing street fighter with a good friend.



Don’t know how many times you’re running street fighter and Marvel, but ill try to add you later if there is lobby room to join. Kinda interested to play somebody on par with Myers


This guy…


Celebrating my best friend birthday so i cant troll beta. This makes me sad.


We can all troll in spirit

I’ll be alternating between games rather consistently preety much what anyone wants to play. My friend who plays Sak will stop playing at 630 however



Steven aka slinkun aka one of the best guiles will be coming over and playing in person in about 30 mins


Thanks for tuning in however did. I enjoyed it I didn’t run the full 24 hours bit it was the first time I have done something like this we raised $60 out of the goal of $250.

Please feel free to donate any amount to the page below again its for primary children’s hospital which is in my home state of Utah and is tax deductible as well. Have a nice day guys