Extra/Missed inputs on LS-32 bad stick or bad user?

So here’s the deal I absolutely love my custom that Noel@Suite53 made for me though I’m having an issue with one thing, the stick.

The few things I’ve noticed after ~1 month of play are:

  1. The stiffness of the spring isn’t near what it was during the first week or so

  2. The stick is missing inputs i.e. a lot of my qcf/qcb are only inputting d, f and d, b

  3. The stick is picking up extra odd inputs i.e. instead of qcf reading d, df, f it’s reading randomly d, db, df, f or db, d, df, f and the same for qcb motions (I’ve tested this during normal play and just deliberate motions I can understand that second example as start the down input a bit to far back, but getting a db after the d when doing qcf is just weird)

Now then, I was getting frustrated working with this in the lab last night so on a whim I pulled out my old TE “S” because I wanted to compare some things and did some tests with both sticks and my overall observations were:

  1. No added inputs on the TE

  2. No missed inputs on the TE

  3. Sat and did back to back Acid Rain for lord knows how long (as well as flamenado) with the TE

  4. Took about an hour before I dropped a Dante combo (including bold cancels etc) vs. Lucky if I could land a killer bee in the air

  5. No issues with df registering as just down… or just forward on the TE

So my question is, does that mean 1. My LS-32 is jacked or 2. My playstyle etc is just more accommodating of the Sanwa stick in the TE

Mind you I’ve popped the back off my custom and checked the connections etc on the Custom and everything looks flawless from what I can tell so it seems that if it IS and issue with the hardware it’s purely mechanical.

Is the custom stick dual modded with two boards?

Single board. PS360 from Aki.

Can you hook up your Sanwa stick to the P360 or the LS32 to the TE to see if it’s the wiring? If it all checks out it could just be you not used to the throw.

I was gonna give that a shot tonight. Also considering the nearly 5+ hours a day I’ve put in on it in the past month I’d think I’d be used to it by now, maybe the throw just doesn’t mesh well with my personal playstyle/way I hold the stick… Or I’ve managed to wear it out in record time.

I found the same thing with the EX-SE, coming from the TE sticks I had some trouble pulling off moves, especially circular ones. Spend a few days with it and just couldn’t get comfortable with it. The SE just sits on my shelf now collecting dust.
May be a stupid question, but you did take the blue gate off of the stick, right? It makes corners much easier.

Yea I took the blue restrictor off when I started noticing the issues. In fact there appeared to be a small imperfection in it causing the throw on one side to be slightly longer (like 3mm). Didn’t help much.

Just got back from the ol’ work and gonna try swapping the sticks (if I can), I’ll uhh let ya know how it goes.

Hi there

Not so good speaking english but i think i can share some experience between Sanwa and Seimitsu sticks. IMO, if you are get used to JLF for SFIV, you wouldn’t need to switch joystick. Most of people like Seimitsu sticks for shooters or retro fighting games like KOF or CPS1/CPS2 because Seimitsu sticks really works very well for those games, the fast engagement of Seimitsu does match really good on SFA 2 or SFA 3 (fast speed games). Both 2 games are just examples.

Apparently you’re doing a more spaced motion when you’re suppose to do less effort for LS-32. Another thing people may notice is that, Seimitsu diagonals are longer because of levered switches, for example, if you press down and then start to move to right (for qcf), you will notice the engagement of the other switch activating the diagonal direction almost immediately and the travel of actuator untill release a levered switch and engage one/single direction is longer than it takes to release a non-levered one.

JLF has longer throw and engagement but releases the inputs faster. **Maybe **you’re pressing the pushbutton while LS-32 is still engaging 2 levers at same time, when you are performing QCF or HCQ.

I saw many videos with japanese playing SSF2 Turbo and 3ST on a original Capcom cabin (which i believe has LS-32 fitted) and it’s amazing how they are good performing QCF motions, i’m a LS-32 user because those videos causes the impression that the stick is very very accurate, and also, because i love retro fighting games. I recommend you to (if is possible) test the joystick inputs on the computer through joystick properties to check if all eletronic part is good =)

sorry for poor english, bring some new information later =)

Testing it through the PC is something I hadn’t though about, it might have a more accurate read than the in game inputs. Great information thank you!

As for the button presses I was also testing without presses and still getting the missed df or db in my qcf/qcb motions, or getting the extra input stuck between, I was about to pull everything apart but I’ll definitely check it out on my computer first.

I mainly went with a Seimitsu stick and Sanwa buttons because they were tighter/stiffer which I preferred, but it seems like my Sanwa in my TE is stiffer than the LS-32 at the moment. I’ll tinker around and update. Thanks again!

Test a PS360 board against a standard TE or Hori one with your execution, too.

I did and my execution on my standard TE “S” is far superior.

I think it might be worth disconnecting the harness from the stick and pressing down on the 5 pins slightly.

I have noticed a similar problem with a few jlfs and it was down to the pins on the joystick not having proper contact within the harness.

Just bend the pins down towards the control panel by 1mm and give it another go. It worked for me.

I swapped the JLF out of my TE into my custom and I haven’t had a problem since, haven’t really tested out the seimitsu more since I need to fabricate a couple mounts to get everything to fit properly.

Speaking of, the drilled holes in the case are a bit too close for comfort to be able to drill new holes for the Sanwa (I’ve got something MacGyver rigged atm) is there a seimitsu -> sanwa mounting adapter available somewhere? I looked around and wasn’t able to find anything relatively specific to my situation, or what can I use as a custom mount plate? Home Depot didn’t really have any flat metal squares I could drill the holes into.

I too went with seimitsu joystick and sanwa buttons. I’ve only had mine in for a week or 2, but yeah I am missing quarter circle motions often as well. I think it may indeed be an issue with playstyle and that joystick based on my experience and what you’ve written. I play ibuki and my hands are kind of… spazzy, for lack of a better term. Maybe if I was super accurate like the seimitsu stick I’d like it better. Or if I played a slower character the ls-32 might be a better choice. Oh well, live and learn.

So I got the Sanwa swapped in and I’m still having the same issue, not as frequently though… which is odd but it started happening again in training this evening. I took some pictures of weird inputs, now all but one of these was standing still performing the motions with a purpose, taking my time making sure my orientation was proper etc. Here goes:

This was j. M, j. H, QCF. L after volcano. Notice the M and H show as one input (even though I hit them both pretty far apart) Also notice that only the forward input registered.

This was QCB (no button input) I don’t even know how to describe how all that nonsense happened.

This was simply tapping DF, the second F input happened when I released to neutral.

This was QCF H once again… what the hell?

I’m beginning to think it’s the PS360 board itself. I mean… I can understand execution errors and starting the rotation a bit too forward/back but… skipping two diagonal inputs entirely? Adding additional inputs on release? I dunno. Mind you none of this happened when I had the Sanwa in my TE.

I think extra inputs may happen easily on seimitsu sticks since the switches are very close to actuator, but missing 2 diagonal entirely on JLF is really weird. Maybe if you’re performing it very fast. IMO, if the stick respond fine to all directions in other games, like shooters (good one for testing)…the stick should be working fine.

Well I tested accuracy of the diagonals, I started with holding DF and then moving it slightly back, the down input wouldn’t register until I hit the switch and it clicked. Then I tried moving from the diagonal forward and just a hair past DF it would start alternating between F and DF (essentially standing there teabagging) for as long as I held it in the specific spot, it would also engage F before I even “engaged” the switch.

I played for a bit while it was still in the TE case and I didn’t seem to have these problems, but it’s been awhile so I don’t remember, two different sticks exhibiting similar issues hooked up to the same board has me believing it’s an issue with the board and not the stick.

I was playing last night doing some matches with a friend and there was definitely more than one circumstance I was holding B or DB to block and I’d get hit even by a projectile (I took a Hyper Sentinel Force to the face when my second character was coming in after my first one died) knowingly holding B and no other inputs.

I don’t have any shmups to test it with, I did however try it in AE a few days ago and had some similar issues.

levered switches aren’t good for fighters. ls-32 definitely not the stick you want

Yea I’m just concerned that my JLF is now having the same issues I may pick up a ps360+ when they launch and swap it out.

I just realized something though and it may be a bit of a noobie question since the thought never crossed my mind but would stick height effect it like this? Reason I ask is because the JLF sits low in the TE case and my new Bracket hasn’t come in yet so I’ve got something rigged up and it’s sitting pretty high it might be effecting the engagement if my muscle memory is used to the stick sitting much lower. Does that make sense?