Extra questions I'm receiving on getting to EVO

For anyone who hasn’t seen my article on the front page


I’ve been receiving quite a few E-mails with more questions and ideas to add to it. I’m going to post them here. If you have anything that isn’t covered feel free to ask.


My Response

Paul, that guide was meant for the majority of people who will most likely show up to evolution. You are in a different position because you are married but it is still not impossible for you to make the trip. Solutions to the car problem are pretty simple. Since you are taking the wife it would obviously be a bad decision to carpool with a bunch of strangers from SRK, but what you could do is either rent a car or borrow a car. I’m sure you have a few relatives who would be willing to swap cars with you for the weekend. Even a light pick up truck is going to get better than 20mpg on that trip. If you are going with your wife and you plan ahead, you could probably both fly for around 99-149 per person round trip. If you check www.southwest.com, they frequently have specials flying from San Jose to Vegas that are as cheap as 49 each way.

As far as my hotel prices go, they are 100% accurate. Every price that I quoted was the exact price that I payed last year in Vegas. I stayed there 3 times last summer and those are the prices I paid. If you need to stay in some luxury suite that is going to cost you 500+ a night, well then I think you’re being much too extravagant considering you won’t be in the room much anyways.

If you need a concrete example of someone who was able to bring their family to EVO, contact Duc (Ducvader on SRK) about it. At EVO 2k5 he was able to bring his wife AND his kids and turned it into a week long vacation for the entire group.

The food plan in my article is just a suggested plan and it does apply to the majority of people who will be attending EVO. I did give 2 plans in the article with corresponding costs so you can get a basic estimate of how much you will have to spend on food. Overall, because you must bring your wife it is definitely going to be a more expensive trip for you. The biggest reason is that you are paying for 2 people the entire way. By my calculations, a WORST case scenario for a 5 day vacation with EVO in the middle would be about $1000 and that would be including eating well, a $300 cost of plane tickets and staying at the red rock. If you stay smart and buy smart, the cost of the whole trip for yourself and your wife could be as low as about $700 and this is without eating PB&J.

EVO is a BYOC tournament, not an arcade tournament, but the competition there is going to be as fierce as anywhere you will find it. The point is that the inclusion of EVO makes the trip something that is definitely special. My entire article runs off of the assumption that you want to go and experience it for yourself. If you didn’t come in with that assumption, then I’m not really sure how you found my article in the first place. It’s hard to explain in words so just trust me when I say it’s a great tournament and it’s an experience you will be talking about for years if you do show up. Hope to see you there.

-Jesse Gan


My Response

Good idea Carlos, I totally forgot about including stuff like that. I’ll post something in the SRK forums and link you when I’m done. Thanks for reading.

-Jesse Gan

So this is more of a second step but something that I think is pretty important; a checklist for what to bring to EVO. If anyone has suggestions please post and I’ll update this post to reflect it.


Socks- If you are planning on staying with a lot of people in one room or in one van, I would highly recommend buying socks and just throwing them away at the end of the day. It’s a very good tip for long trips since socks are so cheap and you don’t really want to have a whole laundry bag full of stinking socks.

Sandals- Thank you Reset for the suggestion

Swimsuit- Seriously, Vegas is really hot and they have some of the nicest pools and spas in America. A pair of trunks in your bag will definitely pay off.

Toothpaste and Toothbrush- Don’t assume someone else in the party will bring their’s. Better safe than sorry.

Deodorant- Don’t bring any type of stick deoderant that will melt because it will happen. Vegas temperatures can reach up to about 115 which is more than enough to melt most sticks. BTW those spray deoderants don’t work. Get some type of anti-perspirant or gel type deoderants that you have to crank to push up. I have had at least 3 or 4 sticks melt on me and it makes you want to punch babies and old people when it happens.

Screwdriver and a Camera- Thank you True Tech for this contribution


Hair Gel- If you need it. Don’t worry too much about bringing soap/lotion/shampoo/towels since you can get this from the hotel for free

At least 1 change of nice clothes- Even if you aren’t planning to go to a club or nice bar, it is really good to have a pair of non-jean pants, dress shoes, dress shirt, and a belt in case the opportunity arrises.

Cell phone charger- Seriously everyone forgets theirs. Isn’t it funny how the second you forget your charger no one on earth has one that is compatible?

Joystick- Sucks when you have to play on someone else’s stick at a big tournament. Try not to forget yours.

Console Equipment- I suggest bringing whatever you need (PS2, DC, PS3, etc.) PLUS different types of cords for the hotel rooms. If you can find an RF adaptor and regular white red yellow cords you should be equipped to handle any situation the hotel TV throws at you. Also do something to mark your equipment before you leave so their is no confusion once you get to EVO.

Necessities for Drivers

Sunglasses- Not everyone wears them, but it’s always something that I’m pissed about forgetting.

Car Snacks- Again this is just for people who are driving

$20 bill- May seem a bit strange but honestly, hide a $20 bill somewhere in your car for any emergency that comes up. Maybe you ran out of gas, maybe you really need some water, maybe you really need to make a phone call.

Towel- Don’t drive anywhere without a towel stowed somewhere in your car. This is one of those really easy things to do to make your long trip much more stressfree. Spills happen, sex happens, sometimes you see a lake and want to jump in. It doesn’t really matter, just have a towel on board and you should be fine.

Make sure to check your oil/coolant levels before you leave- Self-explanatory.

good stufff,

i like the $20 bill idea

also good idea to hide one in ur wallet

True tech suggests that you bring surge protectors to EVO so you can have multiple power outlets. Fight the power.

Are there any girls at EVO? This is deadly important in deciding what to wear. Also, are there any entry fees, I couldn’t find any on the evo website. Also again, did you mean camera as in flash, or camera as in camcorder. Just wanted to make sure.

Forgot, do you have to come as a team to participate?

don’t forget bring lots of weed

yes there are entry fees usually 20 for venue then 10 for each game you enter

both cameras

only for slash

you can buy that in vegas cheap, I copped 2 oz’s for 40 bucks total from the bellboy last time

ill be leaving at 5am :tup: :tup: :tup:

I’m assuming Evo World is at Red Book again?

Is there a reliable taxi service from the closest airport to the hotel? If not… are there any kind souls willing to pick me up from the Airport? I’d drive, but I don’t think I could handle 2105 miles in a 92 honda civic :rofl: .

carpooling is gonna crack

im down to pay gassssssssss money in the L.A area

Hell I’m married, and I’m still going to make it with wife in tow.

All things a possible with enough time and planning (and a willing nice wife)

A better question might be to ask yourself "are there any girls in the Las Vegas casino that Evo is held in.

PM me for details

we might have a spot left in our car

where in LA?

There was a shuttle bus from McCaran airport to the Red Rock casino where Evo was last year, IIRC.

bump for this year

I all-ready got my plane ticket and Hotel squared away… This will be my first EVO.

besides tournament FEES and Money matches… HOW much money should I have for FOOD. I’m trying manage my monies. How far do you think $100 would last me. I’m skinny gamer BTW.

Point being
I just want to spend $300 the entire trip. Exclude Hotel,Plane,and tournament fees. You think I would be straight JESS?

To be comfy i would bring like 5 excluding hotel, torney and plane fees. I plan on bringing like 1 to 2 stacks for blackjack/poker/shopping.