Extra screw hole in TE under bezel, what screw fits?


I took a 360 R1 TE apart the other day, and noticed something under the bezel:

See that countersunk screw hole? It matches up with a hole molded into the top of the cord compartment. I would imagine that putting a screw in here would reduce flex in the area above the cord compartment, perhaps it was designed into the TE but the screw was ultimately left out for whichever reason. Has anyone put a screw here? What type of screw fits?
@MarkMan, would you happen to know?


The screw was only left out of the first batch of TE sticks, in the later batches of this stick, and the Round 2, and other models based on the same design, the screw was used.

You can use the same screws found in the MadCatz Fightpads, which are also the same screws used for the terminal strip and turbo panel mounts in the TE, SE, TvC, and Brawlsticks.

Try it for yourself :slight_smile:


Thanks! I’ll take a look. If anyone has the measurement of that screw handy, please post it.
edit: Found a post: Screw uppa - The “I messed up my screws/bolts” thread


Or you could just take the screw out in the pic you posted and measure that.

I’m not sure what that guy meant in the different screw sizes because the ones used to mount the turbo panel and terminal strip are exactly the same. I think he might have been talking about the turbo panel pcb screws, which have a flange.


You know, I’ve never measured a screw before. I have a digital caliper, I guess I could try it sometime.


I was about to say use a ruler, but then I realised your rulers probably don’t have cm & mm grades :frowning:


Some do, but I was thinking you’d run into trouble if the threads aren’t an exact integer multiple of mm apart. And would things like the slope of the threads be a variant too? Would it even matter? I mean there are really a lot of ways to make a screw unique, at least in my head it seems like that.

I’m not fussing over finding the perfect screw or anything, just genuinely curious as to the right way to precisely identify a screw.


When metal screws go into metal parts (like bolts into nuts) the pitch thread is important.

For plastic and wood it doesn’t matter so much as the metal will cut out it’s own space, especially if screwing into a virgin hole.

I’ve eviscerated a lot of Fightpads over the years and have harvested all the screws I’ll never need from them. If you want a direct match then try taking that screw into a hardware store and match them up.


Whee, pointless update. Found a screw in my junk pile that fit OK (actually I used that for one screw for the turbo panel and put the turbo screw in the mystery hole, if you wanna get technical), and yes, it’s slight, but it does stiffen up the area above the cord compartment, you can squish it and it won’t flex as much. I’m pretty sure at least one more of my TEs doesn’t have this screw so I’ll add it to this one too down the line.
I’m sure you’re all thrilled by this exciting conclusion! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: