Extra space on Gold Coast

For the interested, I reserved a room at Gold Coast (across the street from Flamingo aka Evo venue) back in May. Its a twin bed :). Since it looks like none of my friends are going, I open to share a spot or two, dividing the costs. Its from Wed to Mon (27th-1st), and it was $313 for the nights. Whether or not I take someone with me, if anybody is interested in joining I will expect $150 on your behalf to stay there for the nights. It’s an incredibly generous offer, in my opinion, and all I want is no drama and to have some fun over there. PM’d me phone number/xbox live tag to square away all the details. I’ll try to respond sometime tomorrow, thx.

Am I crazy or isn’t Evo at the Rio…?


Lmao yeah I put “Flamingo” and not Rio just cause all this time I was searching for addresses online to the venue i used Flamingo Road as the street searching for nearby hotel replacements, so I got stuck with the term. The Rio rates were good, if you had a traveling party, but since I don’t, it adds up really quick. Guess all the earlier posts about people needing room has been taken care of. Anyways, bump to see if there are still people looking to split costs.

I’m interested.

I’m staying at Gold Coast too. Anyone know if their TV’s have A/V inputs?

Most usually do… I am bringing my own flat panel just in case though. I will be with the op at the gold coast too.

Off from the official site, they are 32" lcd so its pretty much a given regular a/v inputs are included, but component and hdmi are a maybe. Good though my roommate got the hookups :rock:

I already have a room at the Gold Coast, but it’s from the 28th to the 31st (Sunday). How much would I have to pay if I wanted to stay just one night?

Sorry I’m at the room now and judging from the bed size I’d prefer to keep the occupancy to just 2 people, cause Im a hog and want my own bed. But of course if you dont find a place to crash by then post/pm me and we might split for a fee.