Extract broken screws

So after two days of using the Madcatz SE fight stick the joystick had broken and it would let me use the down position. So I decided to need to replace the crap hardware with Sanwa parts. While I was unscrewing the screws every single screw the head had broken off. I never seen such weak screws in my life. Anyways I need to extract the broken screws and I have no idea or to get them out. I needle nose pliers can’t reach deep enough to twist them out. Does anybody have any suggestions?


I wouldn’t really suggest this but what you can probably do is drill 2 small holes opposite sides of the broken screw and start yanking it out with needle nose pliers

One of my hobbies is radio control cars and trucks - and for us, stripped screws are par for the course. If you have access to a Dremel or similar rotary tool along with the flex-shaft, you’ll be able to extract it easily.

Just take your Dremel with a cutting wheel and cut a slot into the top of the stripped screw’s head. Then take a flathead screwdriver and back the screw out. Be careful not to cut too deep, cause if you split the head down too much, you make break it off and have to drill the screw shaft out.


Ahhh… nice

Thanks bro!! Luckily I had a Dremel around and I was able to do exactly what you said. Now I just too to make a trip to Home Depot to buy some screws.

What I’ll usually do is get a drill bit that is slightly bigger than the screw head and completely drill the head right off. After the head is gone the screw loses all the holding power it had and you can easily remove it with your fingers or a pair of pliers.

All the work in designing these controllers, and they “screw” up by not spending a couple cents more on the base screws.

I really have not read much of the forum posts on these Madcatz sticks, but it is probably a good recommendation that people replace the screws on the bottom immediately if they want to open it. Might have to measure the things and go get some myself. The screws they use are probably too large anyways.

This x100 times. I had 3 stripped screws at the base of my controller, they immediately got replaced when I finally got them out.

They make a drill bit that grabs backwards for removing screws, but it sounds like you have it under control. Amazing how crappy MadCatz is. There is so much potential, and yet they fuck things up left and right. Worst part is they are making millions while fucking things up!

Thank you! I don’t have this screw issue with any of my sticks but I did have a few busted screws around my house. I had never thought of this and just freaked my wife out by dremeling the walls while she was sleeping but it worked great. Thanks again, that really is an awesome tip.

I’m glad I was able to help out - I’m wondering what other tips from the RC world I can share. I already tossed my two cents in for someone asking how to paint lexan (which is what RC car bodies are typically made from).

Now that I think about it, I think I may. But that tip will be for the SIXAXIS - AXISdapter thread.

Thanks for the tips. Stupid TE screw

buy what’s called an impact screw driver. It makes life simple. Instead of stripping screws, you’ll be able to break them loose with the tap of a mallet. It’s used in a lot of situations where screws seem seized from heat/expansion. It doesn’t require much, so just tap and it should become loose.


I thought the Te sticks were mostly plastic I think too much force would probably do major damage to the case.

Suppose I don’t have access to a dremel, what’s my next best option?


In this case, it’s an SE model and I thought it was metal to metal. As the faceplate? Isn’t it aluminum? And the mounting plate? If that’s so, it should be fine, you’re only loosening. Not over tightening.

I found this alternative to a Dremel: http://www.harborfreight.com/cpi/ctaf/displayitem.taf?Itemnumber=94076


I bought that same exact Rotary Tool at my local Harbor Freight Tools.
I used it to mod my very first Arcade Stick two years ago.

the problem with stripping screws is that you using the wrong size screw driver…

there are 3 or 4 common phillips heads and you need to use the correct one so that it doesn’t move when you are twisting it… otherwise you will bite the crap out of the head… once you see that it starts to bite, STOP…

most likely you just keep on twisting and it chew it up