Extracting Images from the PC SFIV

Has anyone figured out how to open .EMZ files that the images are saved as?


I wished there was a method to just hit print screen and capture png’s into a dedicated folder. :frowning:

there are plenty of screen capture software out there, FRAPS does it too.

Yeah fraps is excellent wee tool, capture video and screenshots been waiting for PC SF4 to capture some ingame images to mod my stick with

Trying to find out how to do this as well. Not sure if it isn’t working because I have the steam files…hopefully I can figure it out.

Thats what I use primarily.

It does video too but at the cost of framerate :frowning:

I was able to rip textures with 3d ripper dx no problem.


Yeah, I tried that. I downloaded the shareware copy of GZIP but when I used it, all it did was ZIP it, and not UNZIP it. Frustrating.

I guess I could just screen cap it, though I don’t think it’d be high enough resolution for printing.

Just textures or the art from the gallery? Want to get some of those art pics to use for stick art.

Still no idea how to do it, or even if you can uncompress the emz file if you can use it in photoshop…

it can rip the art from the gallery. everything is saved as .dds files though, so you would have to convert that to the file type of your choice.

surprised no mods for this yet.

would think plenty of extra costumes would be made by now.

I think it’s going to be alittle while before we start seeing character / costume mods considering all the clothing is modeled, textured and will require rigging and new characters will require new hit boxs, rigging and animation it’s not going to be easy to mod this game at all but the results make it all worth it

lol the game hasnt even come out yet in the united states and you think “plenty of extra costumes would be made by now”

capcom needs to hand out a SDK before any real modding will ever be done.

Hmm, what about sounds? How easy are those to rip?

My friend challenged me to make a song to play for Sagat in the vein of Bang’s super in Blazblue… Only instead of BANGBANGBANGBANGBANG it’s TIGERTIGERTIGERTIGER (to the theme of Batman, actually)

…Any chance at ripping high quality sound effects from the PC version?

^ You could just set your recording software to record your output. Audacity should be able to do it.


Batch extraction

I have made a batch extractor.
It extracts a lot of files with offzip and puts them in separate folders.
(Art gallery, commandlists, character skins etc)

If the game was installed in another folder than default, please correct
the parameters on each batch file. Otherwise it should run fine.


Files can then be viewed with Dragon Unpacker

Edit: new version, should work fine with spaces between folder names

omfg check this out guyz!

Can’t get this to work in Vista since the path can only be Program Files with a space I think. Can you make one that follows this file path?