Extramartial sex causes more earthquake



i am so speechless .


It’s stuff like this that make me wonder if Iranians really could’ve figured out how nuclear tech works.


That shit was given to them by Reapers. The Reapers gave them the tech, then sat out in dark space waiting for a change to troll the fuck out of them.

They’re never coming back at this rate. The Iranians are doing all the heavy lifting themselves.


I seriously hope you’re joking/trolling.


So all I have to do is have sex with women randomly and I can cause quakes? Awesome! Fucking awesome! I’m getting started on that shit right now.


I guess that old line of “baby I’ma rock yo world” is quite literal. I wish the rest of us lived in Iran’s fairy tale world where the ridiculous is made possible. But what can you expect from a country who punishes the rapee instead of the raper.


Not true.


uhh yeah according the articles ive read.


If you feel your apartment shaking, don’t worry! It’s just me upstairs banging a chubby. :smile:


Yeah keep reading them articles.


Eastern brown people sure need to get laid. Badly.


That must be some gooooood sex.


Good. Let them all stop having sex altogether, and when they die out, maybe we can have peace.



Yeah because Iranians sure are causing you a lot of trouble these days. Them pasky Iranians!


While I agree this is ridiculous to a degree, please believe that this article is taking things out of proportions and blowing it up for the sake of a story. Ignorant Westerners will never understand Islam because people are not intelligent enough to go beyond the television, news, and here-say.


Hey! Just because our women don’t dress up like Gill’s henchmen, doesn’t mean that we’re ignorant.


This isn’t even about Islam. Currently, there are NO governments in the world that are run by Sharia law (despite claims and media reassurances that Saudi Arabia and the like are Islamic states [they aren’t]), so with that issue compounded by the fact the media is only interested in reporting ‘bad’ stories and selectively choosing spokespersons to further their Islamaphobic agenda, it’s hardly surprising that we get ignorant comments from people like Galactic here who rely on FOX news for their education.


I agree with the Iranians. A woman’s body SHOULD be covered at all times.

With semen.



The Ayatollah guy is trying to push Islamic customs (women/girls covering and being more modest), no?

Also, Saudi Arabia isn’t governed by Shariah? scratches head I know that they are a monarchy, but the Qur’an is like their constitution.

But aside from that fact, you are probably right because just like any other government, they are very corrupt and prejudice.

I have Palestinian friends who literally were born and raised in Saudi Arabia. They told me if I moved there right now, I would have the same rights as them. If you aren’t Saudia Arabian, you are immediately like lower-middle class over there.


As opposed to not being able to go beyond a 1500 year old book written in a cave by some dude who liked 'em really***, really*** young?