Extravaganza 14 Fin. April 3rd


Hello. Been awhile since I posted here. I’ll keep it short and sweet. This is the last E I am going to run, so I want it to be special.

I am well aware of schedule conflicts that could come up being so close to Easter. The reason for the this date doesn’t really matter, but there are a number of tournaments in May that I don’t want to have conflicts with.

Tournaments represented:

Street Fighter 4
Marvel vs. Capcom 2

The Extravaganza’s have had moderate crowds when it comes to 2D games. I’d like to sign off with a bang.

Clarion Hotel
Cedar Rapids, IA 52402

Tournament Entry: $15

Winners get:

70%- 1st
20%- 2nd
10% - 3rd


I would like the Moderators to please sticky.


woot woot!


i may not have enough clout for a sticky here. but i would like to request it again.


No comment on the sticky regulations on this forum, but anyway, once you get a schedule worked out, please post the entire schedule in the first post, I think it’ll grab more peoples attention. A lot of people from IA will be coming to this for 2d games, and of course you will get gobs and gobs of people coming out of state for Tekken as usual. I’m hoping to see a lot of people for 2d games out there that weekend as well.


Schedule of the tournament is simple.

we go 12-12

noon to midnight.

things usually start later than noon, obviously. to fill out tournament brackets and so forth.


It’s my understanding that they won’t sticky a thread until two months (or less) before the tournament. So under that rule set, this thread won’t be stickied until at least Feb 3rd or so.


Just wanted a bump for the forgotten.


I somehow completely missed this thread. I’ll definitely be there for HDR!


Is that an event fee?


Probably a dumb question as most other tournaments are ran on PS3, but should I assume the same thing here.


I’ll do my absolute best to make it. Since I had a request for it on TZ, i’m bringing my ps2 with Garou: Mark of the Wolves for a side event time permitting. I’ll bring my ps3 for t6, hdr and sf4 use.

Really the only factor stopping me from going at this point is a ride to and from cedar rapids.


A few of us from KC will be in attendance. This is THE Midwest Tekken tournament to attend, but I’m sure that the Street Fighter players will have plenty of competition this year. Good shit KingFan. Always enjoy Extravaganza.


Tyson, why didn’t you mention the main events (Tekken 6 and Tekken Tag)? I’m sure plenty on here play those.


Yeah, that’s venue fee.


If that’s the venue fee then how much per game?


I believe it’s $10? That’s how much it costs for Melty Blood, and that’s a side tournament.


$15 per tournament

$10 goes to the pot.

$5 goes to payment of the venue.

i apologize for the late reply people. i’m very happy we have interest on this forum.

thank you.