EXTREME beginner: need some help

Alright, I have recently bought SSF4. I began playing with Juri (and had no problem winning), but then today decided to play with Vega. I went into the trials to try to learn some basic specials. I then realize: i have no clue how to do something as simple as the Rolling Crystal Flash. I try to do this, but every time i do, the only thing that happens is he moves back and forth an inch and punches…it’s not my timing I’m sure.

What I’m getting at is i don’t understand how to do any kind of moves with the white arrow thumbstick icons. This move (if you didn’t know) is a white arrow thumbstick back and a black arrow forward + punch.

Can anybody help me understand how to do these moves, or at least help me understand the concept of the white arrows? (the booklet didn’t help me either)

White arrow is a “charge” in that direction. Hold the direction for about 1.5-2 sec, then finish the motion.

In example, for Rolling Crystal Flash, hold back for about 2 sec, then forward and punch. Charge can also be held at a diagonal (ex. you can hold Down+Back to charge Rolling Crystal Flash so you don’t move backward)

another question for you: i just did it a few times (still getting used to it), but does it matter which punch i use? i tried it a few times with a light punch, didn’t work, but it worked with a medium punch.

the punch you use changes the strength of the move

light attacks usually have the shortest range/damage but fastest startup/most invincibility
medium is in the middle
heavy attacks do more damage and go father, but are usually more unsafe than others

hey thank you guys SO much this saved me from getting angry at this game lol. now i understand how to play a character that actually has moves with charges cough not juri

Rolling crystal flash has a longer charge than other moves by the way so if you start feeling like “Why does this move never come out!?” it’s because that one specifically has a longer charge.