Extreme Fighting Tournament 2005 results

Here are the Tournament results from the Extreme Fighting Tournament 2005:

Capcom vs SNK 2
1st Place: Akuma – (Cammy/Sakura/Ryu/Blanka/Sagat-C)
2nd Place: Yagami – (M.Bison/Ken/Sagat-K)
3rd Place: Skryba – (Vega/Rock/Iori-N)
4th Place: Atro – (Ryo/Honda/Haohmaru/Blanka-C)

King of Fighters 98
1st Place: Becks – (Takuma/Daimon/Kyo/Iori)
2nd Place: Atro – (Takuma/Saisyu/Terry 95)
3rd Place: Yagami – (Orochi Yashiro/Kyo/Ralph)
4th Place: Skryba – (Iori/Terry/Ryo 95)

Street Fighter Alpha 2
1st Place: Akuma (Ken/Charlie/Akuma)
2nd Place: Skryba (Ken/Adon)
3rd Place: Joice (Evil Ryu)
4th Place: No Pain (Ken)

Super Street Fighter 2 X
1st Place: Akuma (O.Sagat/Guile/Ryu)
2nd Place: Becks (Ryu)
3rd Place: Joice (M.Bison/Ken/Ryu)
4th Place: Dodompa (Ryu/Balrog)

Guilty Gear XX #R
1st Place: Yagami – (Ky)
2nd Place: Darini – (Slayer/Faust)
3rd Place: Dodompa – (Faust)
4th Place: Poupas – (Ky/Potemkin)

Tekken 5
1st Place: Galinacio – (Bryan Fury)
2nd Place: Lombriga – (Kuma)
3rd Place: Dodompa – (Steve Fox/Marshall Law)
4th Place: Twisted_Minded – (Nina Williams)

Soul Calibur 2
1st Place: Nightmare – (Nightmare)
2nd Place: Skryba – (Mitsurugi)
3rd Place: Baiken – (Ivy)
4th Place: Acidspunk – (Voldo/Cervantes)

King of Fighters NeoWave
1st Place: Becks – (Vanessa/King/Choi)
2nd Place: Atro – (Saisyo/Terry/Orochi Yashiro)
3rd Place: Yagami – (Iori/Kyo/Ralph)
4th Place: Joice – (Orochi Yashiro/Ralph/Benimaru/Iori/Choi)

Super Challenge: Azores vs Main Land
Street Fighter Alpha 2

Players from Azores: Akuma
Players from Main Land: Picxie, Joice

Akuma vs Picxie
9 - 1
Winner: Akuma

Akuma: Akuma/Charlie/Ken/Sodom/Ryu
Picxie: Chun Li/Ken/Sodom

Akuma vs Joice
8 - 2
Winner: Akuma

Akuma: Ken/Chun Li/Ryu/Akuma/Charlie
Joice: Evil Ryu/Akuma

Super Challenge Winner: Akuma

Super Team Challenge
King of Fighters 98


Iberica Team: Becks/Amano/No Pain
FreePlay Team: Yagami/Joice/Atro
Toranza team: Toranza/Elisio/Bluethunder
Otaku Team: Codeman/Poupas/Frenchie
Picxie Team: Picxie/Whitehorse/Roz


Team Winner: FreePlay

This tournament had place in PLURICOOP-Setubal-Portugal (28-29 August 2005)

Total registered players: 60
Tournament web site: www.akumacombos.com/extreme
For more info and tournament details check our international forum here

Congratulations to the winners and special thanks to everyone who made part of our staff team, this was an amazing and final EFT.


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match videos please.

You don’t want to see this dudes match videos because they are horrid. They were up on Combovideos, but they took them down because they sucked so bad. He was trying to punish a blocked blanka ball with spiral arrows instead of s.rh. There was also a bunch of other retarded shit in those match videos, but I can’t remember. I don’t know if those were videos for this tournament, but if they were you wouldn’t want to see them anyways.

I’d like to see match vids too.

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Anyone can express their opinion just like I do it every time I want to, I feel the same way about travelling to most countries, you can always play against better players but it would be a good chance for you to come here and beat everyone, if you dont like Alpha 2 we can always play some game that fits better in your taste like: CvS2 and then beat everyone in your way, does the looks matter when you go to a tournament? if it does then its better if you play against girls :pleased:
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Its not “my” tournament, it was made by several players and for all the players, in all our national tournaments (EFT, FreePlay, PTfighters) the prizes are Trophies and sometimes other small goodies but the major prizes are Trophies.
We do what we can with what we have.