Extreme measures? Man becomes woman to hide from Mexican govt



Supposedly from:

To this:


for stealing 200K from Mex gov’t. Is white collar crime that badly punished in Mexico?


Uh…did he go all the way? Cuz the after pic doesn’t look too bad.


IDK anything else. This may make rounds and get more info.

But it would sure suck to be in male prison if he did everything except lose the twig and berries. Looks like theres even tits.


no fucking way did they shave off his cheekbones

i call bullshit


Mexican prisons are a death sentence without the sentencing…or even the trial.


Hope he packed tongs, because he’ll be receiving mass quantities of salad tossing when they put his ass behind bars.


It’s legit.


Video/pics here (Univision, so it must be true :)… Plus, police in background):



I’m not gonna lie that’s a pretty convincing post-op


so if this is proven true, wtf…he basically made himself look prettier before going to jail…wow, his asshole is gonna get absolutely WRECKED