Extreme Nub


Hey guys… please dont flame ect. ive searched the forum but i cant find what im looking for so im hoping some of you can help without just shutting me down… im just curisous as to what all the s. c. ect. mean… for instance c.forward … does it mean crouching forward? i just cant seem to figure it out, thanks in advance.


cr. = crouching
st. = standing
sj. = small jump
xx = combo into / cancel into

There’s more but i forgot.



also… how do you do a “rushdown” and what is JD?



To rushdown is just a way of attacking close to your opponent.

JD is in K groove and it means Just Defend.


Rushdown is also a style of play that uses calculated risks to constantly put pressure on the opponent and hopefully force them into making a punishable mistake


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