Extreme Western MA

I’m on the NY and VT borders. <1 hour from Albany, 3 hours from NYC and 3 hours from Boston. Any secret place to find a tournament? I’m still kind of rusty but I was the local tourney kid back in the days of SF2, CE and T. I’ve got XBL, so thats an option. Tournaments add a different kind of pressure that I believe forces evolution of skill more readily than vs CPU or even online.

I’d also add that I’m willing to help organize a tournament if there are none. Thoughts?

Sounds like you’re a ways away.

There’s a tournament coming up in CT

It looks like it should be right south of you (I’m judging by the general western mass area) google the directions, hopefully it’s closer to you than the boston events that are happening.

Also, feel free to add me on XBL!

I am sort of in your area. I am heading to the tournament down in CT next weekend. I don’t have XBOX LIVE unfortunately. Pretty much the local tournaments for this area are CT, south Boston, and NYC/NJ with TGA gone. There are some guys that play in Springfield. You will meet some of them if you go the CT tournament.

we are having a tournament in albany this month, let me know if you are interested.

Nice. I race motorcycles in Loudon, NH, which is an easy drive (2:15), and looks like its about 50 miles east of you. I’m definitely willing to commute a bit every now and then for a tournament.

Sure, sounds cool. I’ll check out the CT tourney thread. thx!

Definitely. I’m closest to Albany. Where might I find details?

oh here’s a question. I use a pad. Lucky for me I use a PS2 pad with a convertor for the 360, because I’ve spent so much more time on the PS2… the problem is I’d much prefer an arcade stick. What are the odds somebody would let me use one during a tournament? The only tournaments I’ve played on consoles have been all pads, and the only arcade tournaments I’ve played have been on arcade cabinets.

I would say most people at console tournaments use sticks, and many will let you borrow sticks when you are up if you just ask nice.