Extremely aggrivating monitor problem~! HALP!


So i just purchased a new 27in. LG flatron in anticipation of the new wave of video games about to hit due to the christmas season coming up.

Bought some HongKong rinkydink VGA cable that runs to the monitor and audio to my speakers. Idk what to call it, but i think the term is ghosting. Even when i’m standing I can see a faint copy or ghost image of my cursor to the slightly to the right of the original image. Same goes for really small fond.

Say the menu says “New Game”, it ends up looking like New Gameee but the last two e’s are really faded. It’s really starting to irritate me. =/

I display at 1920x1080, 2ms refresh rate, and have a pretty good contrast ratio.
xbox display is in extended and is displaying the same resolution.

Idk what to do to fix this.
Will an HDMI cable be able to fix this?


Providing the Monitor is not deffective…Yes. Try to buy a good quality HDMI cable, no need to spend loads of $ though. Also the HDMI will transmit the audio


You shouldn’t buy just any old VGA thing to convert the video signal. If your monitor has HDMI, go with the HDMI route. If you still want to go VGA route, you might want to invest in a HD Box Pro or High Box.


If the monitor’s on screen display looks correct when there is no signal input, then your monitor is probably working okay. Try it out on a PC to be certain.

I don’t think that VGA is the optimal way to connect a console to a monitor. HDMI, as has already been mentioned or a converter, which has also been mentioned (I think).

And, as has also already been mentioned, any HDMI will do. Choose the lowest price range from a company you like. Digital signals don’t loose strength the same way analog does so any money spent on quality components is money wasted. If the digital signal was being degraded in any way, the cable simply wouldn’t work in the first place. :tup:


It’s your crappy VGA cable dude. I went through the same thing. Just go and buy an Micro$oft VGA cable. It works great, and no ghosting or any other funny sync issues etc.