Extremely loose joystick

okay so i was at pmall yesterday and i decided to play some 3rd strike in the arcade… worst experience ever!! i was playing on a machine like this http://members.cox.net/jmccorm/pics/japan3.jpg. the joystick was mad loose!!! it piss me off so much!! i was facing some guy and i barely won…! i was soo cheesed even thou i won because normally i am so much better! usually i play at home using a x-arcade stick and at my local mall thats uses a bat top for joystick.

anyways i want a joystick that is loose like the ones at pmall! what do you recommend and where can i get one?

I guess you won’t find a stick that is as lose as the sticks at japanese arcades. I played on a astro cab in Germany and I just can’t imagine that there is any stick that could be as lose as those 2sticks that were in that cab. And they even were Sanwa/Seimitsu :rofl:

is there a reason why the sticks are soo loose? it really ticks me off jus cuz i lose because im not use to the joystick

Wear and tear can make them loose.

I find a Seimitsu LS-33 spring reasonably loose.
Maybe it works in your joy stick.

They were probably just really worn down and need new springs. You could try getting a Sanwa or Seimitsu stick and putting a very light spring in it.

The springs are probably fine. It just sounds like this guy is used to having really stiff american-style springs. Japanese sticks have looser springs and smaller throws, so you can do smaller, more controlled motions. You really only have to move your wrist with Japanese sticks instead of your whole arm like with American ones.

Thats funny I just put a ls-33 in a hf3 and it is anything but loose but maybe the dude I bought it from put in a new spring.

X Arcade sux.

xarcade actually ain’t that bad. I have 1 and I also have happ comps, all sanwa sticks and all seimitsu sticks except the 40&30. It definately isn’t as good as the happ or japp stuff but it isn’t horrible. Atleast it is built well and works properly.